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a question about VP10/AV1 Thanks! Bo Xu 8/8/17
Correction to VP9 Tile Info Semantics 7/12/17
New entropy coding: faster than Huffman, compression rate like arithmetic Jarek Duda 6/16/17
Tuning projection inside PVQ for 0.5+ dB improvement Jarek Duda 5/9/17
Noticeable speed regression since v1.6.1 Kagami Hiiragi 3/15/17
Test equipment deals; Buy, Sell or Trade in AvionTEq 3/14/17
An improvement on VP9 multi-threaded encoder has been checked in Yunqing Wang 3/2/17
Thread safety of VP9 motion search hcb 2/23/17
Benchmark harness for gtest Luca Barbato 2/15/17
Possible VP9 optimizations hcb 2/10/17
Questions regarding libvpx issues hcb 2/8/17
Long Tailed Duck Release Johann 1/12/17
Long Tailed Duck Release Candidate Johann 1/9/17
Making vpx streamable in MPEG-TS Yann Jouanin 1/7/17
Reasonability of advanced codec settings Kagami Hiiragi 12/4/16
Vp8 good quality vpx_vbr takes more time to encode Naveen Raj 12/2/16
VP9 profiles Racape Fabien 11/17/16
Libvpx/nextgenv2 experiments merged into AOMedia codebase Yaowu Xu 11/15/16
encoder stops returning packets after first frame 10/19/16
implementing a webm video decoder questions 10/11/16
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