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Contribution proposal for GPU-accelerated VP8 encoder Alessandro Petrini 10:20 AM
how to use vp9 to do svc encoding? andrew 6/23/16
high cpu usage in realtime encoding scenarios due to broken code in lookahead.c Haseeb 6/14/16
libvpx 1.6.0 release soon Johann 6/4/16
High level syntax approach to scalable coding in VP9 Christian 5/24/16
New entropy coding: faster than Huffman, compression rate like arithmetic 5/12/16
Building vpx on VS2015 Guy Davidson 4/25/16
Recommendation: Disable Two VP9 Encoder Features in Default Presets Jai Krishnan 4/14/16
vp8, vp9, vp10, which one to use? george wu 3/31/16
VP9 CPU_USED 3/16/16
libvpx compile error after "Amend and improve VP8 multithreading implementation" commit 2/17/16
VP9 hardware decoder support for MVC or SVC David Pio 2/5/16
Trying to watch torrents on my tablet. Jackson Piper 12/11/15
VPX_CODEC_USE_OUTPUT_PARTITION isn't supported by VP9? Qiufang Li 12/10/15
Weird encode issue encode_bro 12/8/15
Reducing RAM Overhead Timothy Butterworth 12/1/15
VP9 1pass has bigger P-frames for static video than 2pass Kagami Hiiragi 11/23/15
VP9 Color Space fnordware 11/11/15
Javan Whistling Duck Release v1.5.0 Johann 11/11/15
libwebm DisplayUnit fnordware 11/10/15
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