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Oct 15, 2020, 7:49:10 PMOct 15
to d...@urbit.org

This release will be pushed to the network as an over-the-air update.

Base hash (check with +trouble):


Release notes:

* Fixes an issue where direct messages and link collections outside groups
would not invite other participants.

* Implements various design fixes based on initial feedback.

* Fix issue blocking some long-range upgrades by moving scries out of
chat-hook's +on-load

* Redefine %base-hash in +trouble to mean the most recently update which
has been applied to your %home desk. %sour-hash has the most recently
downloaded update, regardless of whether it was successfully applied.

* Added %take-this, %take-that, %meet-this, and %meet-that merge
stragies, as defined in pkg/arvo/gen/hood/merge/help.txt, which is
printed when |merge is run with no arguments. Usually %take-that is
preferable to the old %that.

* Renamed %this and %that to %only-this and %only-that to emphasize
their destructive nature

* Thus, the new process for checking whether you're up-to-date is
- check your %base-hash. If it's up-to-date, you're good
- else, check your %sour-hash. If it's not up to date, then you're either
sill downloading the update or not able to connect to your OTA source.
Wait or switch your OTA source with |ota ~new-ship %kids
- once your %sour-hash is up-to-date, if it's not equal to your %base-hash,
run |merge %home (sein:title our now our) %kids, =gem %take-that
- this will overwrite any changes made to files in the main distribution,
but it won't overwrite any files you added, such as publish notebooks.
- note any errors and check again if your %base-hash is equal to %sour-hash
- now your %base-hash and %sour-hash should be up-to-date. It's okay if
your %home-hash is different.

* Add a way to change +code with the |code command. While this is safe
for self-hosted ships, some tools like bridge and some hosting providers
may not support this.

* Add |meld and |trim for memory unification and reclamation. Not
operational until a later binary release.

* Make Clay not create empty commits

* Fix bug in %mate which incorrectly applied certain diffs

* Add Eyre authentication scry endpoints

* Prevent binding to Eyre paths in reserved namespaces

* Parse XML declarations per spec

* Update type printer to newer syntax

* Various improvements to standard library for flexibility, safety, and


Anton Dyudin (1):
Fix {a/$foo} in type printing to [a/%foo]

Caio Marcelo de Oliveira Filho (4):
jael, eyre: Add a way to reset the web login code
eyre: Make %code-changed handling less chatty
Merge branch 'master' into code-reset
pill: Update solid.pill for code-reset changes

Elliot Glaysher (1):
Merge pull request #3553 from pkova/eyre

Fang (11):
hoon: add +lead and +late
Merge pull request #3266 from urbit/m/functional-cons
Merge pull request #3304 from ohAitch/patch-3
gall: forget eyre subscriptions once
eyre: send %leave on %fact/ack for deleted channel
Merge pull request #3387 from urbit/m/eyre-wack-gall
eyre: minimal CORS support
helm: add cors registry management generators
hood: welp cards
pill: update
eyre: explicitly permit proposed request in cors

Joe Bryan (31):
arvo: adds |trim, triggering memory reclamation
arvo: adds |meld, triggering memory unification
hoon: rewrtes +stir using tail-recursion and +roll
hoon: refactors +stir types/comments for clarity
Merge pull request #3434 from urbit/jb/stir-tail-hoon
Merge branch 'release/next-sys' into jb/trim-meld
pill: solid
Merge pull request #3472 from urbit/jb/trim-meld
Merge pull request #3520 from urbit/ted/ames-scry-print
zuse: removes redundant definitions of $mite and $octs
pill: solid
arvo: restore :time app
Merge pull request #3643 from urbit/jb/octs-once
zuse: adds |base16 hex $oct en/decoder
zuse: adds basic tests for |base16
zuse: rewrites |base16 for clarity, simplicity, specificity
pill: solid
Merge pull request #3576 from urbit/jb/base16
hoon: virtualize cue when parsing %blob coin literals
pill: solid
Merge pull request #3638 from urbit/jb/so-safe
hoon: enables need/have type printfs on nest-fail
hoon: removes "road:new" printf from virtualized crash
clay: refactors +cancel-request, consistently accounting for TMI
hoon: adds product cast to +murn
Merge pull request #3694 from urbit/jb/murn-cast
Merge pull request #3691 from urbit/jb/need-have
hoon: adds hints for likely-to-be-jetted list/treap/parser arms
Merge pull request #3644 from urbit/jb/retime
Merge pull request #3702 from urbit/jb/hoon-jet-hints
Merge pull request #3689 from urbit/jb/clay-cancel-correct

Liam Fitzgerald (3):
zuse: allow xml declaration in +de-xml:html
zuse: de-xml:html handles declarations as in spec
JoinGroup: restore autojoin route

Logan Allen (3):
chat-hook: hack to move scry to a new event to fix +on-load
interface: fix DM creation to give group permissions properly
Merge pull request #3718 from urbit/mp/launch/tile-prop

Matilde Park (17):
Merge pull request #3408 from urbit/lf/xml-ver
chat: fix chat input border on dark mode safari
chat: pin unread notice on mobile
groups: remove 'send message' until new DM util
interface: stub out email invite
groups: fix styling of channel settings dropdown
launch: don't sort group tiles by recent
launch: tiles inherit theme colour
groups: pad landing page description for small layouts
chat: prevent timestamp from overflowing
chat: z-index raised on profile overlay
chat: messages use 'black'
groups: tweak padding on description
Merge pull request #3714 from urbit/mp/interface/10-14-fix
Merge pull request #3717 from urbit/lf/group-autojoin
launch: pass tile props to child
Merge pull request #3727 from urbit/la/fix-dms

Philip Monk (20):
Merge pull request #3217 from cmarcelo/code-reset
clay: if commit would be a no-op, don't commit it
clay: cleaner no-op detection
clay: expose mergebase as base-hash
file-server: use new base hash
clay: make +find-merge-points faster
Merge pull request #3376 from urbit/philip/commit-noop
clay: add comments and cleanup +find-merge-points
clay: add safe merge options
clay: fix bug in %mate
Merge pull request #3404 from urbit/philip/safe-merge
Merge pull request #3378 from urbit/philip/base-hash
pill: update
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into release/next-sys
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/la/hack-to-move-scry' into release/next-sys
link-store: throw away state if it's stale cards
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release/next-hoon' into philip/link-upgrade
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release/next-userspace' into philip/link-upgrade
Merge branch 'philip/link-upgrade' into release/next-sys
glob: update to 0v1.hc18i.ms0ac.qi9qj.geopu.sutri

Ted Blackman (1):
ames: print failed scrys

Tyler Brown Cifu Shuster (4):
eyre: send 'no content' headers with no content
Merge branch 'release/next-sys' of https://github.com/urbit/urbit into eyre-response-code
updated eyre test
updated eyre test

fang (10):
zuse: make octs value @ instead of @t
Merge pull request #3554 from urbit/m/octs-pat
Merge pull request #3625 from urbit/m/corseyre
Merge pull request #3565 from tylershuster/eyre-response-code
eyre: add authentication checker scry endpoint
Merge pull request #3628 from urbit/m/eyre-auth-scry
eyre: prevent binding in reserved namespaces
Merge pull request #3647 from urbit/m/eyre-binding-restriction
hoon: go full lark in +lead and +late (#3442)
Merge pull request #3690 from urbit/m/cors-unwildcard

pkova (1):
eyre: remove superfluous connection-state check
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