[NOTICE] Developer actions for the upcoming groups 2 migration

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Liam Fitzgerald

Dec 4, 2022, 9:15:42 PM12/4/22
to urbit-dev
The upcoming upgrade arrives in two parts. The first is a teaser OTA designed to ease memory pressure and setup necessary networking changes for the later OTA. This OTA will also wipe all current alpha state. The second is the real thing, which will install %groups and perform the migration.

The first OTA lives in `lf/migration-prep` on urbit/urbit. The second lives in `lf/gladio-2` on `urbit/urbit` which once OTA'd will trigger an install of the latest master on `tloncorp/landscape-apps`. 

For ships struggling under memory pressure:
- The OTA requires ~150MB of space on the loom to succeed. If your ship is currently close to its memory capacity please send me a `|mass` report (either email or urbit DM is fine). The first OTA should relieve enough memory pressure to avoid the possibility of a bail: meme, however I can't discount the possibility of pathological cases. 

For consumers of graph-store & friends:
- %graph-store will be left as is. All graphs that are able to be recognised as coming from groups 1 will be migrated over and dropped from state, after writing a backup to .urb/put. All others will be left be left in state. 
- All other agents will be left as is
- All signatures will be dropped from graph-store in the first OTA;  This is an effort to relieve memory pressure. As far as I'm aware this is a non-breaking change for dependent applications. If you maintain an application that depends on signatures, please contact me and we can work something out.
- Archives will be wiped and saved to .urb/put. There is a thread for restoring graphs from this .urb/put backup, instructions for using this will follow.
- The nacking behaviour will change. After the first OTA, nacks will not remove groups/metadata/graphs from state. This is a temporary change to avoid any data loss incurred by the migration. This behaviour will be reverted in a followup OTA to groups 1. 

For integrators with groups 1/2:
- There will be a /desk/release file in the stable release of Groups 2. You should look for the presence of this file to determine whether the user has actually migrated over. This can be accomplished with a %cu scry

I will be available to walk through compatibility issues if you have any further questions, please either reply to this thread, shoot me a DM (~hastuc-dibtux) or email me at this address.

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