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joe bryan

Nov 11, 2022, 4:01:36 PM11/11/22
to urbit-dev

Arvo 417K (zuse+417, lull+328)
Vere 1.11

This is a hotfix release, fixing a memory corruption vulnerability
introduced in v1.10, and including official aarch64 binaries.

Release Notes

- repositions the guard page (preventing road stack overflow) on inner roads
- decrements %lull and %zuse kelvins, in preparation for a pending arvo release
- adds support for static aarch64 binaries
- cleans up the terminal on exit when booting a fake ship


Bradley (2):
vere: changed to use u3_king_bail instead of manual term clean up
vere: removed unnecessary exit(1) call

Bradley Ray (1):
vere: clean up terminal on invalid fake ship name

Joe Bryan (11):
u3: reposition guard page if needed for new roads
test: initialize guard page in jam-tests
vere: decrement %lull and %zuse kelvins
Merge commit 'ac5842fd6e' into jb/hotfix
vere: bumps version
build: add aarch64 via buildjet
build: run unit tests early on linux
build: run unit tests on windows
build: updated gcp configuration for buildjet runner
build: renames "nightly" pace from "often" to "edge"
vere: bumps version

~botter-nidnul (1):
nix: enable aarch64-linux platform string


joe bryan

Nov 11, 2022, 4:02:14 PM11/11/22
to urbit-dev
Steps to upgrade your binary (where $pier is the path to your pier):


If you are "docked":

- shutdown your ship
- ensure you are on the "live" pace

$ echo "live" > $pier/.bin/pace

- $pier/.run next
- restart your ship as usual


If you run your binary from outside your pier:

- shutdown your ship
- prepare for update

$ path/to/urbit prep $pier

- use urbit to download the latest binary

$ path/to/urbit vere -p live directory/for/binary

- restart your ship

$ directory/for/binary/vere-v1.11-... path/to/pier


Alternatively, download tarballs from the github release page:
https://github.com/urbit/urbit/releases/tag/urbit-v1.11. When manually
upgrading, always be sure to run the `prep` command with the old
binary before restarting with the new.



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