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Matilde Park

Jan 5, 2021, 8:37:41 PM1/5/21
to urbit-dev
Calling all voluntary QA testers,

Landscape now employs a bleeding-edge sponsor node for front-end changes. If you’d like to help us fix the crashes and issues alongside the new features before they get released to the broader livenet, we’d like to have you on board.

## What to do

Change your sponsor.

|ota ~lomlyx-lopsem-nidsut-tomdun %kids

You will probably get a merge conflict, and thus need to:

|merge %home ~lomlyx-lopsem-nidsut-tomdun %kids, =gem %take-that

Every single time a commit hits release/next-js, it gets deployed and your ship receives it.

## Please note!

- The build included on this stream also includes the exact Git commit inside a handy “submit issue” button. Please exclusively use it to report, as we want to separate development issues from livenet issues (which is what urbit/urbit is for).
- You will obviously want a GitHub account to help us here.
- Your base hash will no longer be relevant when reporting issues — and in constant flux, often changing several times per day. If you return to your old sponsor using an %only-that gem, it should realign you. But do keep this in mind.

## What does this mean about the livenet?

Landscape on livenet will be updated as usual; but less frequently, more predictably scheduled. Its expectations are that any crash is a critical event and should be addressed immediately; seeing an error on this bleeding edge branch is a much more mundane occurrence. We want to insulate the average pilot from the sour fruits of our hectic process, leaving only the sweet ones; and with this in mind, we expect that most people will prefer to just use normal Landscape, especially as we continue into the year. But some people *love* that sour taste…

If you’re still curious about the trajectory here, see our blog post:

Safe travels,


Matilde Park

Jan 5, 2021, 8:44:59 PM1/5/21
to urbit-dev
Ha, to be clear, you’re not straight up “changing your sponsor” when you do this — just your OTA source. Easy to change back, too.


Kingdon Barrett

Jan 10, 2021, 11:23:37 AM1/10/21
to Matilde Park, urbit-dev
I had trouble with this at first, I think because I didn't understand OTA fully...

If you get a merge conflict, you'll need to resolve it on both the %home and %kids desks

but the tl;dr is:

if you got a merge conflict, besides the provided instruction:
|merge %home ~lomlyx-lopsem-nidsut-tomdun %kids, =gem %take-that
you would likely also need to:
|merge %kids ~lomlyx-lopsem-nidsut-tomdun %kids, =gem %take-that

Does that sound right?

(My merge conflicts came from
and I don't know why, but it seems to be off all the way up my planet/star/galaxy chain, straight up to ~del who gets their OTA from ~dopzod

Looks like it's working now! Thanks, this is a great idea!

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