[ANNOUNCE] bridge-v3.2.0

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Tom H

Oct 26, 2022, 5:36:17 PM10/26/22
to urbit-dev
Bridge v3.2.0 will be released on ~2022.10.26. This release refactors L1 transactions to support EIP-1559, fixes a couple race conditions, upgrades stale dependencies, fixes an issue with Gnosis Safe + WalletConnect, adds preliminary Goerli testnet support, and migrates dev tooling from `create-react-app` to `vite`.


tomholford (30):
      deps: upgrade walletconnect 1.7.1 --> 1.8.0
      deps: upgrade @ethereumjs/tx 3.3.0 --> 4.0.0
      lint: suppress warning in dependency array
      deps: vite, peg node
      devex: monkeypatches galores
      deps: extract nocksjs to external package
      deps: upgrade web3 1.3 --> 1.8
      devex: suppress scss lint
      devex: remove unused fn
      devex: restore truffle config
      devex: restore tsconfig
      deps: @ethereumjs/common 2 --> 3
      txns: EIP1559 fee data
      deps: remove unused trezor and ledger pkgs
      fix: resolve pointsCache race condition
      txns: refactor TX flow --> EIP1559
      devex: improve pointcache race condition fix
      tx: metamask flow uses EIP1559
      fix: additional race condition cases
      deps: upgrade @ethereumjs/utils
      invites: fix wallet gen web worker
      devex: fix folktale build issue
      devex: fix folktale/maybe build
      devex: polyfill process and buffer for browser
      worker: refactor to use comlink plugin
      devex: fix worker build with node polyfill
      deps: point azimuth-solidity to master branch
      devex: switch Ropsten --> Goerli
      devex: goerli gas prices use testnet api
      tx: handle Gnosis Safe send TX flow

Full Changelog: https://github.com/urbit/bridge/compare/v3.1.1...v3.2.0
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