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Dec 6, 2022, 1:37:12 PM12/6/22

This is a release of the base Urbit OS, which takes us to Zuse kelvin
version 417 and Lull kelvin version 328. You need to have binary
version v1.12 installed for this upgrade to proceed.

Base hash (check with +vat %base):


Release notes:

- Make kelvin version upgrades reliable. See breaking changes.

- Improve interface for syncing/unsyncing sources for running apps.

- Allow desks to specify compatibility with multiple kelvin versions.
Note this will not work for this current update, only future ones, so
you shouldn't use it now. They should be listed in sys.kelvin on
separate lines; eg:

[%zuse 417]
[%zuse 416]
[%zuse 415]

- Add support for inline threads. For example, the following works in
the dojo:

=strandio -build-file %/lib/strandio/hoon
=sh |= message=@t
=/ m (strand:rand ,vase)
;< ~ bind:m (poke:strandio [our %hood] %helm-hi !>('hi'))
;< ~ bind:m (poke:strandio [our %hood] %helm-hi !>(message))
(pure:m !>('product'))
|pass [%k %lard %base (sh 'the message')]

- Add integration of |mass with apps. For an example, see Landscape's
%graph-store's +on-peek for its handling of %whey.

- Add support for /+ /- /= and /% ford runes in the dojo.

- Add automatic redirect to https when available.

- Allow tests in any directory, instead of just /tests. Also, `-test`
with no arguments runs all the tests in /tests.

- Various bug fixes.

Breaking changes:

- If an agent is already running, a different desk cannot try to run it
as well. That commit will fail.

- Subscriptions to hood's /kiln/vats will no longer work, and neither
will the associated scries. Instead, you should subscribe (or scry)
for `tire` from clay (to determine desk liveness), or scry for
`sources` from kiln (to determine sync state from foreign ships).

- When updating a desk to 417, you should update /mar/kelvin.hoon to use
the most recent version of that file.


DaneBettis (7):
Adds %meme and %xray hints.
adds xray test, reorders tests, fixes sanity checks
more notes and debugging for xray
more xray debugs via ~master-morzod
silenced the broken hoon tests
added macro to clarify _slog_bytecode and cleaned hoon hint tests
this branch PR is now for xray only. meme later.

David Farrell (3):
pkg: don't silently skip non %tests/ test arms
pkg: -test shouldn't require a list of paths
pkg: default test everything under /=base=/tests

Edward Amsden (2):
Don't print a stack trace for `read-at-aeon-fail`
clay: remove stack tracing

Hunter Miller (1):
api: bump version and update grid deps

Joe Bryan (9):
gall: adds optional agent integration with |mass
gall: updates agent /whey scry to produce %mass mark
gall: adds verbose arg to agent scry implementation
arvo: update bootstrap/lifecycle formulas to be fully static
pill: update +solid formulas to be more static
hoon: update key virtualization gates to use fully-static formulas
hoon: updates +slew to avoid dynamic eval
Merge pull request #5957 from mopfel-winrux/eval
Merge commit '330db284e8^2' into jb/release/vere

Liam Fitzgerald (2):
kiln: fix behaviour on installing local desk
kiln: add $pikes scry

Philip Monk (69):
clay, gall: move agent build management to clay
clay: add global %goad logic
clay: make upgrade compile
clay: enable goad on every commit
clay: keep marks warm
clay: respect rein state
clay: add %rein move to config agents
gall: don't reload if code is unchanged
clay: wip
clay: add +tire subscription for app state
kiln: wip
spider: accept inline threads
khan: support inline threads
kiln: add +sync
Merge branch 'philip/inline-thread' into philip/agent-clay-wip
kiln: make compile
kiln: remove old |sync, various fixes
kiln: migrate previous OTA state
kiln: fixes
kiln: fix |ota and installing locally
kiln: fix +vat,+vats
kiln: remove |bump
kiln: remove resolve XX's
docket: update to use tire instead of kiln
tests: make pass
clay: fix kelvin upgrade issues
Merge pull request #5360 from urbit/m/new-desk
clay: allow old kelvins on best-effort basis
clay: add verbose output to goad
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into philip/agent-clay
clay: rename %next -> %held
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tinnus/fix-story-printing' into philip/agent-clay
clay: support ranges in sys.kelvin
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/jb/static-nock' into philip/agent-clay
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tinnus/eyre-https-redirect' into philip/agent-clay
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/next/arvo' into philip/agent-clay
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/jon/fix-naive-tests' into philip/agent-clay
Merge branch 'pr' into philip/agent-clay
dojo: remove commented code
clay: don't cast in +stay
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/m/ames-no-stale-forwards' into philip/agent-clay
Merge branch 'pr' into philip/agent-clay
tests: make pass
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/jb/gall-mass' into philip/agent-clay
zuse: bump kelvin to 417
kiln: if installing local, start immediately
clay: add %stay, which removes commit-in-waiting
clay: move goads into wick
kiln: fix bug in |rein
clay: use single-weft wafts when possible
clay: defer all calls to %wick
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/lf/agent-clay-fe' into philip/agent-clay
clay: call +tare when tire might have changed
clay: light cleanup
clay: document [wake] invariant
clay: document [ergo] invariant
clay: document [wick] invariant
clay: document [goad] invariant
clay: document [tare] invariant
clay: make compile
arvo: don't assume crud tanks are cells
lull: bump to 328
clay: don't re-commit %base during kelvin upgrade
clay: crash if conflicting agent names
clay: don't add road transitions in clay
clay: don't eagerly build marks
clay: don't clear ford cache on %trim
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/next/417' into next/417
grid: improve copy and fix system update dismissal

Sidnym Ladrut (3):
dojo: re-add support for /+, /- ford runes
dojo: improve ford rune support for cable expressions
dojo: re-add support for /=, /% runes

Ted Blackman (2):
gall: idle agents not in %load move
clay: add .liv and .ren state to dome

Tinnus Napbus (5):
eyre: add auto-https redirects
eyre: simplify auto-https logic
story: fix story printing
eyre: change (cury cat 3) to rap in https redirect
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tinnus/eyre-https-redirect' into tinnus/eyre-https-redirect

dr-frmr (2):
make %swap-files poke use file-ovum properly
get full userspace desk

drbeefsupreme (2):
naive: uncomment tests for +test-rut
clay: remove $dork

fang (14):
gen: add |new-desk for creating minimal desks
gen: |new-desk -> |make-desk
make-desk: include /mar/txt
ames: do not produce stale forward lanes
gen: |make-desk -> |new-desk
gen: in |new-desk, fetch files individually
gen: in |new-desk, prompt instead of crash
ames: do not use old lanes during stateful forward
ames: correctly identify stale routes
eyre: look for lowercase last-event-id header
Merge pull request #5808 from dnmfarrell/dnmfarrell/arvo-test-dont-require-a-list
Merge pull request #5982 from urbit/m/eyre-head-down
Merge pull request #5990 from xiphiness/patch-2
Merge pull request #5929 from urbit/jon/remove-dork

mopfel-winrux (1):
Merge branch 'urbit:master' into eval

tinnus-napbus (4):
Update pkg/arvo/sys/vane/eyre.hoon
Update pkg/arvo/sys/vane/eyre.hoon
Update pkg/arvo/sys/vane/eyre.hoon
Update pkg/arvo/sys/vane/eyre.hoon

tomholford (27):
pikes: fix scry
grid: consume Pike interface and scry
grid: kiln-bump poke no longer takes args
grid: AppPrefs consumes pike
grid: SystemNotifications consumes pike
grid: AppInfo consumes pike
grid: OnboardingNotification consumes pike
grid: clean up kiln state initialization
grid: Tile consumes pike
grid: SystemUpdatePrefs consumes pike
grid: PermalinkRoutes consumes pike
grid: TreatyInfo consumes pike
grid: SystemMenu consumes pike
grid: remove deprecated Vats state + helpers
prefs: use sync.pike to discern if OTAs enabled
kiln: add sync / unsync marks
grid: sync / unsync App Preferences
grid: sync / unsync OTA source in System Prefs
grid: remove unused kiln/state logic
kiln: update %kiln-bump poke and mark
ux: clearer button label
grid: distinguish app sync from system install
grid: install foreign system updates to local desk
grid: fix tile bullet + suspend notice layout
grid: can unsync system OTAs from notifications
grid: dismiss Base Blocked notice on Archive
grid: address pr feedback

xiphiness (1):
dojo dir validation: %ct scry at case da+now if imaginary case 0
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