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Jan 24, 2023, 5:17:06 PMJan 24
to urbit-dev
We will be releasing an over-the-air (OTA) update for %groups and %talk tomorrow, ~2022.1.25. This release improves Chat message input, hardens S3 region compatibility, and improves the performance of the Groups sidebar.

- Refactors the S3 uploader to be compliant with region settings in Landscape
- Fixes an issue where multi-DMs wouldn't load
- Fixes an issue with subscriptions hanging around after being kicked from/leaving a group
- Fixes an issue where sending a message in a Chat channel or DM would not refocus the Chat input in a variety of scenarios
- Fixes an issue where the arrival of new messages in multi-DMs would wipe the Chat input
- Fixes an issue where pasting image data into the Chat input and immediately pressing "Send" would send a broken image link
- Fixes an issue where uploading an image to another field (e.g. multi-DM icon, Gallery item) would attach the image to the Chat input
- Fixes an issue where pasting a reference link into a Chat thread would also attach it to the main channel's input
- Fixes an issue where code-fenced expressions containing a sig would attempt to create a ship mention in Chat
- Fixes an issue where a string prefixed with a sig and suffixed with a zap would fail to post in Chat
- Fixes an issue where entering a link to an image and some text in the Chat input in the same message would fail to post
- Fixes an issue where text formatting triggered by keyboard shortcut in Chat would only persist for one character
- Fixes an issue where pressing "Enter" twice when commenting on a Notebook post would post the comment twice
- Fixes an issue where an error would appear when loading a Notebook post
- Fixes an issue where the user's avatar and the message field were misaligned in the Chat input
- Fixes an issue where group hosts could be demoted from the admin role
- Fixes a typo in the "X messages since Y" banner in Chat
- Fixes an issue in Talk where entering the same ships in as an existing multi-DM would create a new multi-DM
- Fixes a compilation error in Talk when booting a new fakezod
- Fixes the appearance of app references in Notebooks and Galleries
- Fixes an issue where one could react with emoji in un-permissioned Chat channels
- Improves the reliability of string-matching in mentions
- Improves the permissions copy in the Channel creation and edit screen
- Adds desk.ship to both apps so their desks have valid upstream sources
- Adds message loading placeholders for Chat channels
- Adds secondary helper text to indicate if a ship in the ~mention menu is outside the current Group or message
- Adds significant loading and scrolling improvements to the Groups sidebar and All Groups menu on mobile
- Adds the group a Gallery or Notebook channel belongs to in the response when scrying through the airlock
- Adds support for 415K

More details on GitHub: https://github.com/tloncorp/landscape-apps/releases/tag/v2.5.0
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