[ANNOUNCE] groups and talk v2.2.0 and v2.2.1

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Hunter Miller

Dec 16, 2022, 5:23:50 PM12/16/22
to urbit-dev
Over-the-air (OTA) update for %groups and %talk.

%groups: 0v12.2omn2.q86go.5dtu8.229kp.fl360.c15kg.vs41k.11e15.3lfec.3shua
%talk: 0vc.9kn8n.68vo6.v4e7g.4mou1.ekqeg.65ttj.avtlg.02t5l.dts7e.qjfk1

Fixes new group subscriptions, a resubscription loop, a common front-end
crash, and speeds up emoji reactions.

What's new
  - Fixed a bug where getting a fact for a channel in a group you're
not in would cause a resubscription loop
  - Fixed a regression in v2.2.0 in the Chat scroller
  - Adds a timeout to tooltips in Chat message actions to prevent them
from sticking
  - Adds paste from clipboard, drag and drop, thumbnails, and removal
of multiple image attachments in Chat
  - Fixes resubscription logic for partially-migrated ships
  - Fixes a crashing Cannot read properties of undefined (reading
'sects') error in the front-end
  - Fixes the placement of the emoji picker, optimistically updates the
front-end to make reaction faster, and automatically scrolls the chat
  - Fixes some editor interaction quirks around links and code blocks
  - Adds a "Leave Group" button for groups that will never migrate
(old, stale, host offline)
  - Adds an ESC key shortcut to close an open thread in Chat channels
and Talk

  - chat: fix margin on emoji picker on mobile by @patosullivan in #1511
  - groups: default vessel by @arthyn in #1521
  - chat: optimistically poke for reaction adds/deletes by
@patosullivan in #1524
  - groups: fix resubscription logic by @liam-fitzgerald in #1530
  - groups: inline formatting fixes, code contrast in editor by
@rcrdlbl in #1480
  - groups: added leave button to unmigrated group popover by @rcrdlbl
in #1506
  - ux: ESC to close an open thread by @tomholford in #1508
  - chat: fix issue with scroll position on height resize issue by
@patosullivan in #1531
  - meta: version bump by @jamesacklin in #1534
  - ops: add bump action by @arthyn in #1536
  - Check that channel is in group before deleting by @midsum-salrux in
  - chat: fix issue with scroll position on channel switch by
@patosullivan in #1550
  - chat: image UX enhancements by @tomholford in #1544
  - chat: tooltip durability by @rcrdlbl in #1555
  - meta: version bump by @jamesacklin in #1560

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