[ANNOUNCE] groups-v1.1.0

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Hunter Miller

Jul 13, 2022, 1:39:22 PM7/13/22
to urbit-dev
This release will be pushed to the network on ~2022.07.18 as an
over-the-air (OTA) update for %landscape

Release Notes:

- Changed link rendering so that bare links appear inline and allowed
  to appear in blockquotes
- Added rich embeds after blockquotes containg links with embeds
- Fixed link rendering in notebooks
- Fixed overflow and sizing issues in collections display
- Fixed issue where some links would give an embed where there is none,
  and improved rendering time of large amounts of embeds
- Switched S3 calls to use signature v4
- Corrected window title for Messages and DMs
- Added `-webkit-optimize-contrast` to all images for better rendering
- Fixed issue where a post would remain editable after publishing
- Fixed issue where copying a ship's name had two sigs
- Fixed issue where editing your profile would fail initially
- Fixed issue where groups left soon after joining still linger around
- Fixed issue where we were incorrectly using Sets for writer permissions
- Fixed issue with depedencies and React 17


0x70b1a5 (1):
      Images should use -webkit-optimize-contrast.

André Fincato (9):
      groups: don't render plain URL
      groups: convert URL from graph-url to plain link
      groups: correctly display blockquote content in full
      groups: add graph-url block below plain URL block
      groups: avoid extra node in plain link URL
      groups: set font-size=1 to list block
      groups: fix blockquote to work also in notebook
      groups: wrap bare link in list-item in p node for better typography
      groups: fix linting errors

David Farrell (3):
      groups: set the right title for messages
      groups: fix no-case-declarations lint error
      groups: don't double sig the planet name on copy

dillon (1):
      groups: fix edit profile

rcrdlbl (9):
      removed false positive embeds
      fixes infinite loop in high-embed collections
      useEmbed logic moved up one level
      modified embed state to avoid race condition
      applied patch from @arthyn
      Merge branch 'next/groups' into groups/embed-fix
      placed async fallback one level up on RemoteContent and LinkBlockItem
      Merge branch 'next/groups' into groups/embed-fix
      passed oembed as prop

yung calibri (8):
      fix the long link layout issue
      Merge branch 'next/landscape' of https://github.com/urbit/urbit
into next/landscape
      interface: fix centering in LinkBlockItem summary
      fixup! interface: fix centering in LinkBlockItem summary
      interface: fix LinkBlockItem border parameters
      interface: fix double border in LinkDetail
      interface: tweak LinkDetail flex distribution
      fixup! interface: tweak LinkDetail flex distribution

Hunter Miller (16):
      s3: adding v4 signatures for updated compatibility
      http-api: updating dist to be more compatible with node
      api: make same dist updates as http-api
      meta: fixing react version issue
      compat: updating indigo, and removing unused deps
      compat: updating to latest sigil-js for react
      compat: fixing react-codemirror2 deps
      groups: updating nvmrc
      groups: updating package lock
      interface: fixing react-codemirror2 dep
      meta: package bump:
      meta: version bump for new changes from next/landscape
      ops: fixing build
      md-editor: fixing background in darkmode
      graphcontent: blockquotes now correctly break paragraphs off
      rich-text: removing broken plugin, reverting react-md to 5.0.3
for compat
      groups: correcting package lock yet again

Liam Fitzgerald (3):
      interface: update ChannelPermissions to use arrays
      landscape: fix automatically watching group chats
      landscape: remove new group from group-view on leave

Patrick O'Sullivan (21):
      npm: add preSig func to npm lib
      npm: fix HarkBody type def for time
      grid: Show provider nicknames next to actual ship name in leap search
      grid: leap: search only for ship names, not display names
      Merge pull request #5719 from urbit/po/fix-leap-ship-autocomplete
      npm: fix issue caused by set var in groups/lib.ts
      groups: bump api version
      Merge branch 'master' into next/npm
      Merge pull request #5736 from urbit/po/fix-for-iswriters-func
      Merge pull request #5739 from
      Merge pull request #5737 from
      groups: fix link to DM from participants list
      Merge pull request #5758 from urbit/po/fix-dm-from-participant-list
      groups: add submitted state for notebook form
      Merge pull request #5759 from
      landscape/grid: Prevent cen from breaking react router in grid's leap
      Fix webpack, build dependency issues
      groups: fix issue with chanel perms caused by use of Set()
      groups: fix issue where URL would be shown along with image in chat
      groups: add webp to list of image types to check links for in chat
      Merge pull request #5850 from


David Farrell

Jul 15, 2022, 8:56:53 AM7/15/22
to urbit-dev, ~nocsyx-lassul
Woo! Will this also remove the "Share private profile?" banner that was deleted a few months ago? Not sure what is going on there...


Jul 15, 2022, 11:55:36 AM7/15/22
to urbit-dev, David Farrell, ~nocsyx-lassul
Yes it should!


Jul 18, 2022, 3:35:10 PM7/18/22
to urbit-dev, ~nocsyx-lassul, David Farrell
This has just been released and is currently propagating out to the network with %cz hash:

David Farrell

Jul 18, 2022, 5:02:59 PM7/18/22
to urbit-dev, ~nocsyx-lassul
And the banner is gone — thank you!
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