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Neal Davis

Dec 9, 2022, 1:42:26 PM12/9/22
to urbit-dev
The pill targeting Urbit developers now includes the recent kernel and userspace updates.

You can find the current developer pill at:

The current pill (~2022.12.09) contains the desks:

- %argo from ~dister-dozzod-middev
- %base from ~mister-dister-dozzod-dozzod
- %citadel from ~dister-dozzod-middev
- %cliff from ~paldev
- %docs from ~pocwet
- %garden from ~mister-dister-dozzod-dozzod
- %webterm from ~mister-dister-dozzod-dozzod

To use the pill, boot your developer ship with the -B option and the current pill. (We will timestamp developer pills and maintain a public changelog.)

    urbit -B dev-20221209.pill -F zod

Alternatively, use the -u flag and the URL of the source pill.

    urbit -u https://storage.googleapis.com/media.urbit.org/developers/dev-latest.pill -F zod

This brass pill was built using a slightly modified pill builder (to include /dia and /doc folders in /gen/brass.pill).

    .brass/pill +brass %base %argo %citadel %cliff %docs %garden %webterm

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