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joe bryan

Nov 23, 2022, 11:20:19 AM11/23/22
to urbit-dev

Arvo 417K
Vere 1.13

This release makes the loom variably sized, up to a new maximum of 4GB.
The default remains 2GB -- opt for the max with `--loom 32`.
(NB: larger sizes may require adding swap space.)

Release Notes

- supports setting the loom size on startup. sizes are specified in
exponents of 2, from 1MB (20) to 4GB (32); can differ between processes
(`--loom` and `--urth-loom`); and can be set for relevant subcommands
(`meld`, `pack`, `next`, &c).

- improves bit-slice performance (for noun de/serialization and many atom jets)
by ensuring that implementation inner loops can be vectorized.

- adds the `vile` command, for exporting the keyfile from a ship

- adds the `%xray` hint, for printing the bytecode of a given expression
(ty ~topfet-parmed!)

- adds the `eval` command, for running hoon (from stdin) without booting a ship
(ty ~mopfel-winrux!)

- adds a better error message when a ship is already running as root
(ty ~dinleb-rambep!)


Joe Bryan (48):
u3: use size_t in u3m_init()
u3: normalize home-road stack after snapshot restoration
u3: refactors custom allocator init for libraries
vere: make `prep` and `next` commands non-interactive (no tty required)
Merge pull request #5928 from urbit/jb/upgrade-no-tty
u3: remove references to u3a_bits/u3a_bytes/words/pages
u3: makes loom length configurable
u3: improves image-related error messages in events
Merge branch 'master' into next/vere
u3: suppress bail:evil printf
Merge pull request #5959 from urbit/jb/silence-evil
ur: optimizes bitstream bytes-writer implementation
ur: optimizes bitstream bytes-reader implementation
Revert "test: move _test_lily into noun_tests"
u3: rewrites u3r_chop(), optimizing bloq sizes < 5
u3: removes loom byte-length in favor of recalculation
Merge pull request #5957 from mopfel-winrux/eval
vere: style clean for eval cmd
Merge branch 'jb/hotfix' into jb/fix
Merge branch 'jb/hotfix' into jb/fix
Merge branch 'jb/hotfix' into jb/fix
Merge branch 'jb/hotfix' into jb/fix
Merge branch 'jb/hotfix' into jb/fix
Merge tag 'urbit-v1.12' into jb/fix
Merge commit 'f94875f9ce^2' into jb/release/vere
Merge commit '264e63330f^2' into jb/release/vere
u3: backports u3v_soft_peek()
vere: adds %vile command for extracting keys
Merge commit '330db284e8^2' into jb/release/vere
Merge branch 'master' into jb/release/vere
test: bump loom to 16MB in jam tests
u3: restages #6001 for release
u3: adds loom size to u3m_boot() / u3m_boot_lite()
vere: adds args to set mars/urth looms by binary exponent
Merge branch 'jb/restage/loom-set' into jb/release/vere
vere: supports --loom for all relevant subcommands
Merge branch 'jb/loom-everywhere' into jb/release/vere
Merge branch 'jb/release/vere' into jb/restage/chop-fast
u3: bumps maximum reference bits on all platforms
vere: preserve 2GB defaults for --loom and --loom-urth
Merge branch 'jb/restage/chop-fast' into jb/release/vere
Merge branch 'jb/restage/bump' into jb/release/vere
Merge branch 'jb/fix' into jb/release/vere
vere: bumps version
vere: bumps benchmarks to 16MB loom, initializes guard page
vere: supports --loom in eval cmd
vere: bumps version

DaneBettis (22):
Adds %meme and %xray hints.
adds xray test, reorders tests, fixes sanity checks
more notes and debugging for xray
more xray debugs via ~master-morzod
more xray debugs thanks to ~master-morzod
partial fix for indexed bytecode args; more to come
silenced the broken hoon tests
cleaner expression and docs
added macro to clarify _slog_bytecode and cleaned hoon hint tests
first cleanup from meeting with master-morzod
this branch PR is now for xray only. meme later.
minimize the diff
taming int declarations
docs, tammed ints, better var names, removed redundant funcs
fixes suggested by master-morzod, and finished int taming
make _is_indexed() more obvious and less cute
remove dev-time modifications to manage.c
WIP stuff re master-morzod
more refactoring as suggested by master-morzod
corrected private function names and block comments
fixed names of vars to follow cvc_TypeLetter style
simplified xray callsites and rendering

mopfel-winrux (15):
Added option to run the eval it checks for and prints whatever
you pass it as an arguement
Added basic nock increment evaulation to eval function
Got basic hoon command compiling and executing
Fixed a double boot_lite
Added vase and stack trace wrapper to input, run hoo in virutalization
added ability to read from stdin rather than being passed an arguement
changed up how we are executing hoon. This fixes the issue we
see with rpevious versions
cleaned up code
merged to master fixed conflict in motes.h
fixed a few of the issues ~master-morzod pointed out
changed error messages when booting the ivory pill
changed how the stdin is concatenated. this version should have
less memory leaks
fixed memory leak and cleaned up style
removed unneeded checks
Merge branch 'urbit:master' into eval

pkova (1):
vere: check for permission error on old process kill

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