[ANNOUNCE] urbit-os-v2.127

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Sep 9, 2022, 7:08:20 AM9/9/22
to urbit-dev

This release will be pushed out to the external pre-release moon shortly. We intend to push it out to the broader network early next week.

Release notes:

- Cleaned up small warts left over from the v2.125 release.
In particular: made cleanup tooling cover a broader range of potential
states, made retry timers more patient, and added additional tests for
the recent changes.
- Fixed an issue where the `-dns-address` thread wasn't getting notified
about satisfied DNS requests. Should now consistently catch the
notification and finish the thread.


Joe Bryan (2):
ames: handle failed recork timers
ames: fix error slog on failed attestation timer

Philip Monk (1):
gall: don't add duplicate nonce in +ap-nuke

Ted Blackman (27):
tests: WIP gall request queue tests
tests: initial setup for gall and ames on two ships
/lib/test: add +run-chain for test sequences
tests: test galls can now load %sub and %pub agents
tests: get %sub agent to emit %watch
tests: ~nec gall passes %watch to itself
tests: ames sends %watch %plea
tests: ames passes %watch to gall on receiver, gall emits %deal to itself
tests: gall runs %pub +on-watch
tests: receiver gall gives %done to ames
tests: receiver ames sends %watch-ack packet
tests: ames receives %watch-ack
tests: fix
tests: %watch to %watch-ack codepath complete
tests: give %clog to gall
tests: give %kick from %clog
tests: gall and ames give kick over network
tests: subscriber ames gets kick
tests: helper core to avoid repeated metamorphoses
/lib/test/ames-gall: clean up lanes
/lib/test: add +expect-success helper
tests: remove defunct test library
tests: more steps, subscriber ames now sends %cork
tests: ames+gall full subscribe+clog+kick+resubscribe sequence
tests: check for correct subscription nonce
ames: revert added debug print
tests: give %cork ack to gall

Tinnus Napbus (1):
-dns-address: fix wire mismatch

fang (4):
ames: bump recork timer back up to a day
ames: clean & re-set recork timer during %stir
ames: don't give %done on cork
gall: don't enqueue %cork as outstanding

pkova (1):
dns-address: subscribe before poke



Sep 12, 2022, 10:59:32 AM9/12/22
to urbit-dev
This release is currently propagating to the network at large. The new hash for the %base desk is as follows:


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