[ANNOUNCE] groups and talk v2.1.0

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Hunter Miller

Dec 15, 2022, 11:46:44 AM12/15/22
to urbit-dev
Over-the-air (OTA) update for %groups and %talk. Fixes several
post-migration issues, addresses some UX inconsistencies, and improves
overall reliability.

%groups 0v1s.671ih.cnjeq.ep23n.kc28q.umb1l.m8knc.m3ecp.ug6ai.as5cs.iq85j
%talk 0v1t.p3o3a.e73b5.de5oa.4rk89.2e486.4gpvb.iu955.hvecd.pflhu.59chh

Release Notes
  - Restored missing subscriptions from the migration in groups and
    causing missing data
  - Fixed issue where all group members would send joining ship an invite
    causing a long hang before joining
  - Improved loading performance in both Groups and Talk
  - Improved unread handling for threads and across tabs
  - Various small fixes across both apps

  - Fix message button navigation in profile modal by @patosullivan in
  - chat/threads: added key to chatscroller in thread by @rcrdlbl in #1407
  - chat: prevent user from sending messages while disconnected by
@patosullivan in #1403
  - subs: reduce ref fetching (again) by @arthyn in #1414
  - Docs broken: Fix for formatting in some udon files by @vcavallo in
  - Fix position/z-index issues on sigil color picker and emoji picker
by @patosullivan in #1436
  - chat: keep unreads across tabs in sync by @arthyn in #1438
  - talk: perf part 1 and local storage cleanup by @arthyn in #1434
  - fixed talk > gallery/notebook ref linking by @rcrdlbl in #1454
  - groups: added channel edit modal to ChannelIndex by @rcrdlbl in #1449
  - groups: updated GroupAvatar to handle emoji + other unicode by
@rcrdlbl in #1445
  - Remove outdated launch information from readme by @zalberico in #1466
  - channels: protect from accidental rejoins by @arthyn in #1471
  - groups: restore missing subs from migration by @arthyn in #1476
  - chat: fix issue with chat scroller not loading older messages by
@patosullivan in #1462
  - groups: virtualized Member list by @tomholford in #1485
  - groups: only let host send invites by @arthyn in #1487
  - channels: restore lost subscriptions by @arthyn in #1488
  - groups: fix rewatch logic by @liam-fitzgerald in #1489
  - chat: better handling of thread unreads by @patosullivan in #1490
  - perf: part 2 by @arthyn in #1491
  - meta: version bump by @arthyn in #1493

New Contributors
  - @vcavallo made their first contribution in #1417
  - @zalberico made their first contribution in #1466

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