[ANNOUNCE] urbit-os-v2.41

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Liam Fitzgerald

Mar 23, 2021, 10:37:53 PMMar 23
to urbit-dev

This release will be pushed to the network as an over-the-air update

Base hash (check with +trouble):

Release Notes:
- Visual tweaks and enhancements
- Added a debug menu, accessible by pressing `~` on the System Preferences page
- Better support for non-ASCII channel and group names
- Fixes for chat backlog loading

Breaking changes:
- Hark action and update has changed

James Acklin (22):
top bar: pad dropdown entries to spec
top bar: rearrange items, include small status-setter
top bar: correct bottom padding
top bar: sets status on field blur
top bar: fall back to preexisting status control
settings: sidebar same width as groups
settings: removes superfluous flex container, pads back button on mobile
interface: minor fix grabbag
status bar: replace ourContact prop
chat: initial pass of spacing/sizing refactor
chat: pads 16px-square sigils out to 24px effective
chat: hover treatment for rows
chat: adds hover actions and overflow menu
chat: flex long display names
chat: fix unread marker spacing regression
hark: no chat message hover background
hark: flip hovermarker flag
chat: prevent marker text from wrapping
chat: resize sigils to 32px, container to 60px
chat: new unread message style
chat: correct unread banner padding
chat: uniform text color in unread banner

Jōshin (1):
interface/gcp: stop polling for gcp store config

Liam Fitzgerald (15):
RemoteContent: fix store access
notifications: fix refresh bug
Profile: fix broken status
UnjoinedResource: fix crash
ChatWindow: fix unread and gaps in scrollback
Participants: fix display of nonmembers
Participants: unify sig handling
tutorial: update for zustand
notifications: add submit button for preferences
ShipSearch: prevent dupes in exact matches
Participants: fix count
hark-store: give set instead of count in initial
notifications: update reducers
notifications: fix DM redirect
chat: fix unread line setting

Logan Allen (2):
interface: only display our contact when appropriate
interface: add a comment to document this hack

Matilde Park (25):
interface: remove deprecated types and props
GroupsPane: reference correct associations object
publish: allow admins to delete posts, comments
publish: render author's image and overlay
landscape/Author: remove unnecessary api prop
interface/css: remove non-existent fonts
chat: key mapped components
VirtualScroller: use correct style name
settings: fix sidebar spacing
hark-fe: use calmengine for nickname render
build: pkg/interface builds pkg/npm preinstall
interface: remove referrer headers from img tags
launch: depluralise 'days' when necessary
landscape/RichText: revert anchors to use rel= for referrer
publish: call all hooks before returning early
landscape: prevent -1 days display on tutorial
landscape: render nicknames in invites
OmniboxResult: truncate long titles
leap: commands come first in results
landscape: add title attr for statuses
CalmEngine: reverse remote content toggles
publish: nested lists don't have additional margins
settings: use async buttons for s3
chat: scroll input overflow for huge pastes
build: revert accidental webpack.dev.js commit

Tyler Brown Cifu Shuster (29):
interface: covert contact store to zustand
interface: covert graph store to zustand
interface: convert group store to zustand
interface: convert hark store to zustand
interface: convert invite store to zustand
interface: convert launch store to zustand
interface: convert metadata store to zustand
interface: convert ms3 store to zustand
interface: convert s3 store to zustand
interface: abstracted stores, unified naming
interface: addressed store feedback; cleaning up
interface: Updated withState signature
interface: updated waiters to wait for hooked state
interface: addressed store feedback; cleaning up
interface: grabbag of fixes for state hook implementation
interface: update state hooks to accomodate graph schema changes
interface: prevent comment crash by sanity checking size
interface: reduce group-view messages
interface: use hook state for invite items
interface: removed conditional hooks
interface: changed ProfileOverlay to functional component
interface: added tool to track unneeded renders
interface: fixes base state typo and improves notification initial status
interface: better error boundary reporting tools and formatting
interface: added debug menu
sidebar: updated channel state design
sidebar: fixes urbit/landscape#596 item bolding
sidebar: changed color of subscribed item icons
interface: wraps zustand setter in batchUpdate

mirtyl-wacdec (1):
landscape: transliterate non-latin characters into ascii

tomholford (2):
landscape: NotebookPreview can render image posts
landscape: sort Leap search results alphabetically

édouard (2):
landscape profiles: tiny tweaks to visual elements
sidebar: change group avatar radius from 2 to 1


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