[ANNOUNCE] %groups and %talk v4.7.0

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Oct 12, 2023, 9:16:49 AM10/12/23
to urbit-dev
Tlon will release an over-the-air (OTA) update to %groups and %talk today, ~2023.10.12. This release significantly improves the mobile Groups experience, including overhauling the Chat scroller, navigation, and Chat search interface and adding QR invitation codes for groups.

- Adds QR code and plain-text invitations to groups. If the scanner/receiver is mobile, the app prompts them to install the native application. Once setup is complete, the Lure service will invite them to the group whose link they followed. These QR codes use branch.io, a third-party service for deep linking. If DNS or an ad blocker blocks branch.io, this interface reverts to standard Lure invitations.
- Adds the ability to block other users from DMing you or viewing your profile. They will see a notice that you have blocked them.
- Adds indicators on mobile to the bottom navigation tabs for activity in groups, DMs, and notifications.
- Adds the ability to hide individual content items from view.
- Adds Log Out and Manage Account items to the mobile native application in the Profile screen.
- Adds group invitations to the groups list on mobile.
- Adds a notice to write-protected Chat channels.
- Adds the ability on mobile to long-press on Chat messages and copy the message’s text.
- Adds DM and group-DM notifications in the Activity view on mobile.
- Completely overhauls the Chat scroller for better performance and predictable “jump-to” effects.
- Changes the Chat search function layout, viewing a user’s profile, and the Create a Group wizard to work better on mobile.
- Fixes an issue on mobile where navigating between major sections (groups, messages) would reset the navigation and scroll position.
- Fixes an issue where viewing a user’s profile had led to a blank, inescapable screen.
- Fixes an issue on the desktop where entering a thread in a chat channel would fail to highlight the selected channel in the sidebar.
- Fixes several layout issues with the Profile and Settings screens on mobile.
- Fixes an issue where the “Back to Landscape” links in the sidebar on the desktop would link to the wrong Landscape location.
- Fixes an issue where the desktop version of Groups would flash briefly before rendering the mobile version.
- Fixes an issue on the desktop where the Edit Profile screen would not use the entire page width.
- Fixes an issue where long-pressing in the channel or message list views on mobile would select the whole screen.
- Fixes an issue in the All Channels view where focusing on the filter input would cause the viewport to zoom in.
- Fixes an issue where the Gallery interface would misattribute comments on Gallery items.
- Fixes an issue on the desktop where the yellow update banner would push the chat input off the page.
- Fixes an issue on mobile where the avatars in the Groups list would re-load when scrolling back into view.
- Fixes an issue on mobile where the activity opt-in notice would show regardless of the users’ choice in the native app setup flow.
- Fixes an issue on the desktop where clicking app references in Chat would navigate to the wrong Landscape location.
- Fixes several issues on mobile where the app would occlude with device elements (clock/status bar, software home buttons, etc).
- Fixes an issue where Groups would make an unneeded request to PostHog.

More details on GitHub: https://github.com/tloncorp/landscape-apps/releases/tag/v4.7.0


Oct 12, 2023, 10:57:43 AM10/12/23
to urbit-dev, ~rilfun-lidlen
This has been released. 

Desk hashes:
%groups 0v15.evo8v.lrfb8.o8kft.pvsgp.o7388.66l8m.24i6v.rrotq.gcs8s.bjits
%talk 0v1l.mmukd.1dmje.jf7fj.uii6i.vt2dt.3ntf0.fr5tj.3sp5f.6klvc.f7cik

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