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Matilde Park

Mar 9, 2021, 1:30:36 PMMar 9
to urbit-dev

This release will be pushed to the network as an over-the-air update.

Base hash (check with +trouble):


Release notes:

- Design tweaks and fixes for Landscape.

- Adds a tutorial for new Landscape users, and a tutorial area,
"Beginner Island", that can be joined for a maximum of two weeks.

- Adds a new settings experience, persisting settings across sessions,
including backgrounds and CalmEngine settings. Also adds a few new
settings options, including the ability to hide parts of the home
screen, set Landscape's theme, and more.

- Chat's scroller behaviour has been rewritten, removing the need to
scroll to mark a channel as read and showing the unread banner as soon
as the channel is navigated to.

- Hark now watches for sibling nodes (comments after your comment, etc.)
as before.

- Hark no longer allows unreads from the future.

- Graph-store no longer trusts client timestamps, instead dating added
nodes on the host ship. Adds -graph-add-nodes thread that adds hash of
any particular node to the post object.

Breaking changes:

Graph nodes are now identified with hashes, not with timestamps; if your
client has incorporated showing pending messages, you will have to
architect the solution by hashing the node first. An example is
available here:



0x70b1a5 (2):
landscape: correct avatar aspect ratio
landscape: address #4517 feedback

James Acklin (14):
profile: design tweaks
profile: base header tweaks
Merge branch 'james/profile-tweaks' of github.com:urbit/urbit into james/profile-tweaks
profile: submit profile from outside form bounds
profile: component-izes profile elements, wraps edit in formik
profile: moves fields, adds header image interactivity
profile: removing clutter, denoising the console
profile: hide the cover image when the user 'removes' it
profile: addressing PR comments
profile: round corners of view
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release/next-js' into james/profile-tweaks
profile: absolute-positioning fix
profile: surface "message" action on non-owned profiles
profile: drop ~ from patp when messaging

Jimmy Young (5):
fix spacing on all modals complete
indigo...@1.2.19: bump indigo to use tutorial icon
tutorial: improve styling for tutorial dismiss modal
notifications: updates->notifications(this got changed back,possibly from master merge)
tutorial: Chat copy edit to match design

Jōshin (1):
interface: correct gcgManager comment

Liam Fitzgerald (67):
settings: match designs for already implemented features
leap: add category blacklist
tutorial: update mainnet location
tutorial: dynamic height
tutorial: fix delay on profile
notifications: s/Updates/Notifications/g
settings: add tutorial settings to enable it
tutorial: update Star Icon
tutorial: revive in omnibox
tutorial: sort tutorial group first
tutorial: update envvars for prod build
tutorial: update spacing to match spec
settings: hook reducer into zustand
settings: CalmEngine on settings-store
settings: bring S3 to design
settings: add leap config
settings: sidebar layout
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release/next-js' into lf/settings
VirtualScroller: change virtualisation method
virtualscroller: performance tweaks
virtualscroller: teleport scroll manipulation
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release/next-js' into lf/virtual-graph
virtualscroller: fix iOS bounce
LinkWindow: update for new scroll virtualisation
omnibox: hide tutorial from initial
tutorial: show notification on skip
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release/next-js' into lf/tutorial-revive
interface: bump indigo
settings: migrate
hark-graph-hook: upgrade notification-kind to allow for sibling autowatches
virtualscroller: ios viable
virtualscroller: fake scrollbar
virtualscroller: address Ed review
hark-store: remove visions of future
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release/next-js' into lf/tutorial-revive
tutorial: show days remaining
ChatWindow: fix unnecessary rerenders
VirtualScroller: fix for links
VirtualScroller: more perf improvements
ChatWindow: fix unread
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release/next-js' into lf/virtual-graph
VirtualScroller: fix scrollbar positioning
JoinGroup: set tutorial join date
UnreadMarker: fix dismiss on idle
VirtualScroller: fix iOS jumpiness case
VirtualScroller: acknowledge end of load
VirtualScroller: prevent crash on iOS
ShipSearch: prevent dupes
LinkResource: fix changing channels
Participants: remove grid
glob: update
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into release/next-js
VirtualScroller: document props, remove redundant
LinkWindow: referentially stable renderItem
Invites: accept already joined group
Comments: validate on submit only
VirtualScroller: correct lazy loading with small chats
StatusBar: fix dismiss
Tutorial: fix profile step
Tutorial: hide caret on mobile
Merge pull request #4567 from urbit/jy/tutorial-dm-copy
Invites: decline if already joned
Profile: fix stale headers
Participants: kick pending contacts
Leap: fix double section
Sigils: fix default background
Tutorial: dismiss correctly

Logan Allen (32):
push-hook: replace +should-proxy-update with +transform-proxy-update
graph-push-hook: first pass at modifying incoming %add-nodes updates using the %add-nodes-trans
form mark
graph-push-hook: implement transform-add-nodes mark and properly ingest %add-nodes event
graph-push-hook: prevent fuse-loop
graph: rewrite +tap-deep to function properly
graph-push-hook: fixed bugs with validator conversions and with transform
graph-store: only calculate hash when necessary, only check signatures if necessary
-graph-add-nodes: %graph-add-nodes thread that adds a hash to each node being added
-graph-add-nodes: return (map index hash) upon completion and finish out the json conversion
interface: beginnings of api/reducer integration
graph-view: use all of the proper types, get the API call working to send up the proper hashes
graph-reducers: remove pending posts based on hash
-graph-add-nodes: add commented out signature support
graph-push-hook: build %transform-add-nodes mark to keep cache hot
-graph-add-nodes: scry properly within a thread
interface: finalize reducers / api logic for pending
Merge branch 'release/next-js' into la/transform-proxy
interface: virtual scroller marks page as dirty when pending indices changes
Merge pull request #4534 from urbit/lf/scroller-fixes
Merge pull request #4519 from urbit/mp/landscape/group-box-shadow
Merge pull request #4521 from urbit/lf/hark-future
Merge pull request #4529 from urbit/mp/publish/warped-chrome-bg
interface: set child graph, not parent graph, upon removing hcild index
Merge pull request #4549 from urbit/la/fix-stupid
Merge pull request #4556 from urbit/mp/landscape/favicon-contact
Merge branch 'release/next-js' into la/release-2021-03-04
interface: disable clicking notes if they are pending and gray them out
interface: cursor default
interface: publish cursor is now using style
Merge branch 'la/note-opacity' into la/release-2021-03-04
Merge pull request #4571 from urbit/mp/chat/inline-code-dark
Merge branch 'release/next-js' into la/release-2021-03-04

Matilde Park (76):
Merge branch 'release/next-js' into lf/tutorial-revive
ResourceSkeleton: set flex-shrink priority, mobile
NewChannel: hide "<- Back" mobile nav on dms
leap: add missing import
settings: switch to multipage layout
ChatMessage, Sidebar: use new hideAvatars import
SidebarItem: centre icons
settings: replace calm icon
leap: "Profile and Settings" -> "profile"
Merge pull request #4430 from mirtyl-wacdec/patch-2
npm/api: add array type to settings value
leap, settings: store leap settings as array
Merge branch 'release/next-js' into lf/settings
CalmEngine: add "hideUnreads" and "hideGroups"
settings: fix typos
Merge pull request #4475 from urbit/lf/settings
sh/build-interface: hotfix for api build
pkg/interface: force api build on prod
settings: format for mobile
hark-fe: remove former preferences nav
Merge pull request #4513 from urbit/mp/landscape/2021-2-6
Merge pull request #4514 from urbit/mp/settings/design-qa-1
MetadataIcon: use box-shadow
MentionText: update for new contacts
settings: restore back button on s3
settings: add 'hide utility tiles'
Merge pull request #4523 from urbit/mp/settings/calm-utils
Merge pull request #4522 from urbit/mp/settings/restore-back
publish: use backgroundImage for images
Merge pull request #4520 from urbit/mp/landscape/mention-text-contacts-nest
settings: allow picking indigo theme
Merge pull request #4495 from urbit/lf/virtual-graph
VirtualScroller: hotfix crash
Merge pull request #4509 from urbit/lf/graph-sibling-fixes
Merge pull request #4517 from 0x70b1a5/master
Merge pull request #4532 from urbit/mp/landscape/choose-theme
Merge pull request #4535 from urbit/lf/scroll-ios-flush
landscape: destyle anchors
landscape: fix 'group details' in dark mode
settings: pull backbutton out of col gaps
Merge pull request #4539 from urbit/lf/link-key
Merge pull request #4536 from urbit/mp/landscape/css-set
Merge pull request #4478 from urbit/la/transform-proxy
Merge pull request #4540 from urbit/lf/contacts-virt
Merge pull request #4538 from urbit/lf/dupe-invites
Merge pull request #4461 from urbit/lf/tutorial-revive
meta: revert urbitrc-sample rename
Merge branch 'release/next-js' into la/release-2021-03-04
RichText: anchors display inline
ChatInput, Author: fix "removed avatar" case
Merge pull request #4543 from urbit/mp/richtext-inline
Merge pull request #4544 from urbit/mp/landscape/remove-blanks
landscape: avatars use borderRadius '1'
MetadataIcon: 1, not -1 inset
Merge pull request #4531 from urbit/james/profile-tweaks
profile: pass ship to image
Merge pull request #4545 from urbit/mp/landscape/author-radii
Merge pull request #4546 from urbit/mp/groups/inset
Merge pull request #4547 from urbit/mp/profile/image
Merge branch 'release/next-js' into la/release-2021-03-04
Merge branch 'master' into release/next-js
Merge pull request #4551 from urbit/jo/gcp-docs
publish: fix link color
chat, publish: styling on light/dark hybrid client
landscape: fix favicons for flattened contacts
term: flex history container width
Merge pull request #4557 from urbit/mp/term/avoid-overflow
Merge pull request #4563 from urbit/lf/coll-virt-fix
Merge pull request #4555 from urbit/mp/landscape/css-regressions
Merge pull request #4559 from urbit/james/message-from-profile
Merge pull request #4566 from urbit/lf/group-invites
Merge pull request #4565 from urbit/lf/grabbag
tutorialModel: fix syntax error
Merge pull request #4569 from urbit/lf/dark-sigils
Merge pull request #4568 from urbit/lf/tutorial-polish
chat: make code blocks inherit from input color

mirtyl-wacdec (1):
landscape: ignore punctuation tokenizing URLs

janeway (4):
glob: update to 0v9flom.311gv.90jce.591n4.d09bf
glob: update to 0v5.04p4c.551r4.4c6os.t537a.3nbjs
glob: update to 0v7.9orhd.ugk69.vmf2f.hcj15.tcf9c
glob: update to 0v3.i5rmt.7fid4.sr9bh.0pcpi.cmc0v

janeway-bot (3):
Merge 6bcbbf8f1a4756c195a324efcf9515b6f288f700 into release/next-js
Merge 522393fda887a0c35aabeb5e7b7110b1ef187bc5 into release/next-js
Merge 7d451a37b8abfebe8177f8abc1b57cd86d4da937 into release/next-js


Matilde Park

Mar 9, 2021, 1:36:26 PMMar 9
to urbit-dev
Apologies — correct hash is:



Matilde Park

Mar 9, 2021, 2:21:29 PMMar 9
to urbit-dev
We have released a new boot pill corresponding to this release with base hash:


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