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Matilde Park

Oct 13, 2020, 9:17:41 PMOct 13
to urbit-dev

This release will be pushed to the network as an over-the-air update.

Base hash (check with +trouble):


Release notes:

- Introduces a new group-oriented layout for Landscape. Tiles are
arranged by group on the launch screen, not by application.
Single-player applications like Dojo still remain on the launch screen.

- Channel.js interface between Eyre and Landscape now sends acks eagerly.

- Embedded content in Landscape does not show an 'embed' button if the
attached embed is empty.


Fang (1):
pill: update

Liam Fitzgerald (46):
groups: new sidebar layout
chat: refactor for new sidebar
publish: refactor for new sidebar
groups: sidebar restructure
Merge branch 'master' into lf/global-skeleton
groups: update to new designs
Merge branch 'lt/link-js' into lf/global-skeleton-links
Merge branch 'release/link' into lf/global-skeleton-links
interface: flesh out new groups layout
chat: update for new groups layout
links: update for new groups layout
publish: refine new groups layout
Merge branch 'release/next-userspace' into lf/global-skeleton-links
groups: further refactors and polish
chat: normalize line height
links: further refactors for groups
publish: further refactor for groups changes
launch: remove stale tiles
Sidebar: address design remarks
chat: address design critique
launch + groups: address design critique
leap: update for new groups routing
Merge pull request #3639 from urbit/mp/interface/more-indigoifying
Merge branch 'release/next-userspace' into lf/global-skeleton-links
StatusBar: fix padding
groups: virtualize participant list and add search
groups: set color in settings
publish: allow refreshing into a note
Sidebar: reintroduce invites
InvitePopover: match spec
RichText: pass props correctly
GroupsPane: improve loading state
UnjoinedResource: clean up design
Launch: cleanup design
interface: fix stateless async clickables
interface: fix iOS scrolling
Merge branch 'release/next-userspace' into lf/nu-groups-fixes
launch: more design fixes
interface: revive new/join groups
Sidebar: cleanup unused imports
interface: fix urbit/landscape#100
meta: do not treat arvo JS files as binary
channel.js: fire delete event on beforeUnload
channel.js: ack subscription updates
interface: multi ship devserver

Logan Allen (19):
acme: remove last %hall import and remove sur file
interface: removed unused Chat components
interface: moved components/lib to components
interface: added the ability to make and redirect to a new DM from the ProfileOverlay
interface: removed unused links files
interface: cleaned up unused store state and reducers for links
interface: remove links subscriptions
interface: cleaned up util file
interface: remove unused Type declarations and permission reducers
Merge pull request #3648 from urbit/la/cleanup-links
interface: clean up publish
interface: fix publish route redirects
interface: cleanup of old ~groups interface... open questions, but still pretty good
interface: reorganized groups directory structure to have like-kind components together
interface: moved from ~groups url to ~landscape url
interface: removed extraneous startApp and no longer stopApp on unmount
interface: fixes omnibox and profile overlay redirects
interface: fixed variable name
Merge pull request #3632 from urbit/la/remove-hall-sur

Matilde Park (120):
interface: design nits
interface: metadata components to indigo-react
links: settings panel in indigo-react
leap: write input in indigo-react
chat: migrate settings to indigo-react
interface: indigo-react tabbar
interface: rich text in indigo-react
interface: remove all popout logic
interface: fixes crash on refreshing groups layout
chat: line up child messages properly
leap: pass background color to input
interface: design nits
chat: bump url message size
chat: unread line should be blue
interface: tweak sidebar header
interface: dropdown should have same width
interface: revise new messages below padding
links: disable flexshrink on link items
launch: scroll tile overflow
interface: calc skeleton size for safari
links: restore flexbox truncation
groups: allow line breaks in description prompt
groups: properly check and await notebook join
publish: prevent crash on refreshing notebook
links: pass remotecontent policy
links: prevent shrinking of comment input
links: prevent hostname arrow line breaking in safari
publish: fix horizontal padding on small desktop
publish: safety check note view
chat: bumping chat input size
groups: truncate long recent group entries
chat: set input for light mode
chat: f8 group link text
chat: indigo-react unread notice
interface: popover uses scales.black30 not gray
chat: resolve conflicts in #3646
Merge branch 'lf/global-skeleton-links' into la/cleanup-chat
Merge branch 'la/cleanup-chat' (#3646)
Merge branch 'lf/global-skeleton-links' (#3626)
Merge branch 'master' into release/next-userspace
publish: fix groupify behaviour
interface: remove duplicate result for exact query
publish: prevent crash on unmanaged notebooks
publish: prevent crashes on contactless groups
publish: send read api call on loading note
Merge pull request #3649 from urbit/mp/publish/regressions
Merge pull request #3650 from ryjm/ryjm/publish-next-note-fix
Merge pull request #3633 from tylershuster/oembed-improvements
Merge pull request #3652 from urbit/la/cleanup-publish
leap: amend for new group paths
Merge branch 'la/cleanup-groups' (#3653)
interface: update sigils library
interface: update indigo react to 1.2.8
Merge pull request #3654 from urbit/mp/interface/deps
Merge pull request #3651 from tylershuster/new-layout-fixes
launch: tweak tile icons
launch: display group invites on home screen
Merge branch 'mp/launch/group-invites' (#3655)
interface: replace icons for group settings
interface: use cursor:pointer on buttons
interface: loading spinner should have gray bg
interface: prevent profileoverlay crash, redirect properly
interface: amend sidebar to use 'adjust'
Merge pull request #3659 from urbit/mp/interface/design-nits-redux
interface: fix default app tiles linking as anchor
interface: plumb disabled to colorinput
publish: safely catch refreshing on note
interface: revert richtext change
interface: improve graph loading indicator
Merge branch 'lf/nu-groups-fixes' (#3661)
launch: accept group invites correctly
Merge pull request #3667 from urbit/mp/launch/fix-group-invites
groups: prevent long title from pushing buttons
interface: remove 'stroke' from icons
groups: tweak label for channel settings
groups: surface description in right hand pane
Merge pull request #3663 from tylershuster/new-layout-fixes
groups: fix metadata editing for groups
interface: fix colour display in group switcher
glob: update to 0v7.jr6ec.podvs.b3btt.in45e.v87ac
Merge pull request #3675 from tylershuster/misc-fixes
groups: tabs use cursor: pointer
groups: participant names use black
launch: fix group tile links to not href
groups: pass hideAvatars / nicknames to participants list
Merge pull request #3678 from urbit/ed/next-userspace-visual-updates
Merge pull request #3677 from urbit/mp/groups/restore-calmness
groups: remove remnant groups from recent
Merge pull request #3679 from urbit/mp/groups/destroy-all-remnants
leap: add 'home' to leap index, default results
interface: remove left margin from reconnectbutton
Merge pull request #3681 from urbit/mp/leap/add-home
leap: index unmanaged reosurces to '/home' path
groups: listen for correct graphkey format
Merge pull request #3682 from urbit/mp/leap/home-workspace
publish: fix 'notebook index' link
Merge pull request #3683 from urbit/mp/publish/fix-index-link
Merge pull request #3684 from urbit/ted/logan-graph-leave-fix
glob: update to 0v7.emvn0.o8u9d.hqpc4.8e6h5.699gl
Merge pull request #3685 from urbit/ted/fix-local-storage-rehydrate
links: key linkItems by date
leap: restore app index, remove from default
Merge pull request #3686 from urbit/mp/link/key-by-date
Merge pull request #3687 from urbit/mp/leap/apps
glob: update to 0vffm4l.40gda.ia3t0.5s73j.ov6mt
interface: thin and transparent scrollbar
interface: sidebarInvite in indigo-react
groups: show invites in home workspace
Merge pull request #3692 from urbit/mp/groups/restore-invites
glob: update to 0v4.9nedu.7t8gi.5n5f7.nofgk.c2dl1
groups: properly direct mobile navigation in home
Merge pull request #3699 from urbit/mp/interface/09-13-fixes
Merge pull request #3697 from urbit/lf/fleet-proxy
Merge pull request #3671 from urbit/lf/channel-js-fixes
publish: vertically align 'edit' and 'delete'
chat: fix chat input size
chat: set messages to 14px
interface: fix richText receiving props
landscape: resource descriptions include links
glob: update to 0v1.bn7am.9sl00.vfh1o.uvsuf.dn9b7

Ted Blackman (2):
-graph-leave: fix action type
LocalReducer: fix empty case of localStorage rehydration

Tyler Brown Cifu Shuster (11):
landscape: better embed checking
launch: fixing layout
chat: fix and standardize font size
chat: fix font size and sigil bar
landscape: fixed remote content expand button
groups: Fix nickname color in Participant List
chat: resize input font size
groups: make action buttons transparent bg
weather: fix dark mode / indigo colors
clock: differentiate date and time colors
launch: change borders to box shadows

ryjm (1):
publish: prevId -> nextId

édouard (1):
launch: edited colors+values for clock, weather, and tile borders


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