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Liam Fitzgerald

Apr 1, 2021, 11:52:28 PMApr 1
to urbit-dev

This release will be pushed to the network as an over-the-air update.

Base hash (check with +trouble):

Breaking changes:
- The graph-update and metadata-update have been upgraded, with corresponding
new marks

Release notes:

- Adds the ability to link to chat messages, notes, links, and comments, and
jump to them across the interface. These permalinks can also be added to
collections and shared as links outside of Urbit (if the recipient, too, has
Landscape). Permalinks also allow people to automatically join groups and
channels if both are public, jumping straight to the content.

- Adds a protocol handler, web+urbitgraph://, on Chrome and Firefox over HTTPS,
that allows the browser to redirect permalinks to your Landscape session.

- Adds a new module, the group feed, as an option for each group. Hosts, admins
and members can be permissioned to a group feed, posting and replying in
threaded conversations.


James Acklin (3):
      chat: adjust unread banner corners
      interface: trunc channel names & descriptions in header
      resourceSkeleton: remove imports

Joe Bryan (2):
      test: check that nock 9 with axis 1 is handled correctly
      test: move nock tests

Liam Fitzgerald (68):
      group-view: add hidden field
      interface: support group-view %hide
      interface: dont pin invites to top
      metadata-push-hook: do not crash on new hidden metadata
      ProfileOverlay: refactor, fixed pos
      Post: prompt for permissions
      Post: code, links input
      interface: virtualscroll style fixes
      hark-graph-hook: notifications for group feed
      notifications: render post notifications
      graph: permalinks
      permalinks: restructure paths
      permalinks: support in apps
      permalinks: add transclusion
      permalinks: cap transclusion depth
      graph-store: upgrade reference content
      interface: fix private permalinks
      graph-store: +on-load
      interface: update transclusion for reference content
      interface: register permalink handler
      interface: styling fixes for permalinks
      permalinks: cleanup styling
      glob: update to 0va6530.ql5e0.5cb4q.m1gq5.d7mdk
      md-pull-hook: fix on-load
      pull-hook: delay scry in on-load
      glob: update to 0v4.vahcq.smjic.02aim.lrbn7.qfpmv
      graph-store: fix crash in JSON
      Sidebar: fix render on safari
      permalinks: fix parsing
      GroupFeed: fix crash on enable
      embeds: fix protocol
      glob: update to 0v2.cr29j.cb5a2.64vl5.rumn3.34r76
      chat: cap block content at 500px
      ProfileOverlay: fix contact render
      chat: fix showing contact in transclusion
      invites: render correctly
      chat: update links to match spec
      Post: fix various crashes
      Post: fix virtscroller position on replies
      collections: update link copy
      collections: allow %reference
      interface: support %reference in collections
      Invites: fix prop passing
      group-view: add %started update
      interface: support %started update
      post: do not notify on top level content
      Post: allow transclusion of and into
      interface: update md version
      Post: allow submission with ctrl+enter
      Post: enable feed modal fixes
      GroupFeed: add settings page
      GroupHome: description by default
      interface: fix protocol handler
      AddFeedBanner: update design to match spec
      PostInput: adjust resize behaviour
      interface: normalize headers to 600 font weight
      Post: show reply if main post
      AddFeedBanner: show only to owner
      GroupSettings: hide feed settings to non-owners
      Post: refactor permission variations
      Post: update permissions to support admins properly
      Post: tweak permissions to match designs
      interface: tweak permissions copy
      interface: remove duplicate import
      interface: prevent crash in non-group workspace
      VirtualScroller: repaint on loaded
      glob: update to 0v6.i86m5.f4rs9.l09fu.a7d86.v00sl

Logan Allen (82):
      graph-validator-post: built initial graph-validator for group feed
      interface: built out initial navigation and routes for group feed
      interface: reorganize components into respective files, add feed banner
      metadata-store: modify module from @t to (each @t (unit (unit md-resource))) so as to allow for setting an optional group feed associated with a group
      metadata-store: do not discard preview parameter
      interface + -group-create thread: group homepage asks if you want to enable feed
      metadata-store: based on discussion with @ixv, made differences between graphs and groups in metadatum more clear
      interface: update to use new config variable instead of module
      -group and -graph threads: update to use new module data structure
      metadata-store, observe-hook, threads: auto-joining group feeds works for groups you're already a part of, and so does group feed creation
      graph-validator-post: reject invalid input
      signatures: properly use life instead of signed data in scry for deed
      -graph-add-nodes: sign nodes
      push-hook: refactored to transform-proxy-update within forward-update when appropriate. changed a manual |- into +murn
      push-hook: cache transform and fail if transform fails
      group-view: automatically join the group feed if one is present when we first join a group
      metadata + post validator + -graph-create-group-feed: end to end create group feed
      graph-view: add json conversion and -graph-dismiss-group-feed thread
      thread: change name from disable-group-feed to dismiss-group-feed
      interface: hooked up basic enable/disable feed API, updated sidebar and display stuff
      interface: cleaning up Home components to ready for building full group feed
      interface: initial skeleton of post feed, breaking out into different components
      interface: group feed post input with API actions works
      interface: render basic posts
      interface: reorganized post item and got virtual scroller working
      interface: fleshing out PostItem with footer, use of MentionText instead of copied code from chat
      interface: make PostItem properly resize
      interface: style fixes after talking with Jimmy
      interface: fully support pagination
      interface: submitting replies works
      interface: possible to navigate to proper reply path, reply view next up to work on
      interface: make renderer in PostFeed stable, style tweaks
      interface: populating group feed header and correctly indicating navigation location
      interface: use Author component for proper display name rendering and overlay sigil
      interface: fix up issues from zustand merge
      interface: fix more merge issues
      interface: re-render post feed on pending change
      interface: buggy implementation of reply view
      interface: feed header closer to correct, virtual scroller working better
      interface: make nested reply views work and empty reply view work
      interface: reset virtual scroller properly for reply view and render empty state better
      interface: group feed header matches mocks
      graph-validator-post: fix indentation
      metadata: updated all mark usage from %0 to incompatible %1
      tally: fix for metadata
      interface: fix a grab bag of group feed design issues, including header spacing, highlighting message upon hovering, collapsing text content of large posts, ensuring overflow of content works properly, ensuring scroll works properly for large content items, etc
      group-feed: fix reply view top margin
      group-feed: fix text overflow to make it not cut-off horizontally incorrectly
      group-feed: prevent event propagation for links so as not to trigger page navigation, enable remote content embeds properly
      group-feed: copy permalinks from group feed posts
      group-feed: prevent crash by temporarily using Spaces icon
      interface: post permalinks work
      interface: borders changed from washedGray to lightGray to match Figma mocks
      interface: share profile banner washedGray to lightGray
      interface: profile and settings light gray
      interface: terminal and permalink embeds washedGray -> lightGray
      group-feed: improve performance and make mobile load
      interface: remove worthless withMemo
      interface: moved around post items
      interface: missing contacts in PostReplies
      interface: re-render reply view properly by modifying locationUrl prop
      interface: group feed prop drilling reduced, purecomponent approach discarded, subscription restart rewritten
      interface: fix PostReplies crash
      interface: fix empty group home
      graph-push-hook: add hc where appropriate and enforce type-checking to prevent issue in future
      graph-validators: speed up validators by adding type casts
      graph-validator-post: added type-casts where appropriate
      group-feed: tons of post item touch-ups
      group-feed: finalize timeline padding
      graph-view: add %vip field to %create-group-feed
      interface: update frontend api actions
      interface: vip prop drilling for group feed
      interface: group feed permissions work properly
      interface: remove log
      interface: redirect properly upon create and dismiss of group feed
      graph-disable-group-feed: archive the graph if necessary
      interface: fix group feed settings render
      interface: api, fix disable group feed
      interface: group feed history goBack works
      interface: fix back button not showing up on mobile
      interface: replace baseurl + feed
      interface: back button works again in group feed

Matilde Park (7):
      interface: rename web+urbit URI -> web+urbit-graph
      landscape: stubbing empty functions
      RemoteContent: flex truncate links
      landscape: delete console.logs, revert instant timeout
      landscape: don't build serviceworker in dev
      groupFeed: flex width of parent row of 'add feed'
      api/graph: adding fallback vip

fang (1):
      gen: delete |wash-gall

raghu (5):
      ddiff: add generator
      dojo: print thread results as tang if they are tang
      ddiff: c/r
      ddiff: always show full beam in diffs
      renaming ddiff to diff

tinnus-napbus (1):
      strandio: fix await-thread and thread-result



Matilde Park

Apr 2, 2021, 12:20:05 AMApr 2
to Liam Fitzgerald, urbit-dev
Our metadata-store migration in this release irrecoverably dropped all group pictures. We apologise for this … if you are a group host, you’ll have to set them again.

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