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Pyry Kovanen

Oct 3, 2023, 12:55:59 PM10/3/23
to urbit-dev

%base hash (check with +vat %base): 0vo.pba41.2bp3a.6as26.52dvo.hsg8e.o25sv.geiia.3pkp0.s0tkm.c8d64


412k-1 is a small bugfix release fixing long-standing issues that didn't quite make it to 412k. The release is on ~zod and is propagating across the network now.

 This release fixes the following:

  1. Some Urbit apps set cookies. This would sometimes confuse %eyre because it also uses cookies for storing login state, leading to users randomly getting logged out.
  2. Remote scrying for a desk that includes commits that are unreachable from the latest commit would fail and fall back to %ames. One such desk is the %base desk and every desk created from %base using |merge.
  3. It is possible to include the clay blob store in the pill when building a pill with +solid =prime %.y. This clay blob store was missing content from commits unreachable from the latest commit.
  4. The -runtime-version thread would sometimes incorrectly report the runtime as being out of date.
What's Changed
  • eyre: allow header-list to contain multiple cookies by @pkova in #6799
  • clay: return all takos in /cs/bloc scry by @pkova in #6808
  • clay: iterate over all aeons in +read-at-tako by @pkova in #6807
  • runtime-version: parse current version properly by @pkova in #6809

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