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Mar 4, 2021, 11:36:40 PMMar 4
to d...@urbit.org

This release will be pushed to the network as an over-the-air update.

Base hash (check with +trouble):


Release Notes:

* Add additional ford runes /% and /$ which include a static mark core
and mark conversion gate, respectively

* Add GCP support alongside existing S3 support for storing uploaded files

* Fix ames bug causing stuck flows with repeated "strange-current" crashes

* Fix lane-parsing bug in debug dashboard

* Various improvements to language-server


Jared Tobin (6):
meta: adjust merge operations
Merge pull request #4518 from urbit/jt/ops-merge
meta: publish interface packages when available
meta: tell action where package.jsons are
meta: simplify yaml
meta: switch publish action to production mode

Jōshin (47):
zuse: time conversion fixes
zuse: simplify +di/du:dejs:format
pill: solid
Merge pull request #4474 from urbit/jo/zuse-enjs-time
sh/poke-gcp-account-json: poke gcp storage values
-get-gcp-jwt: produce a JWT for use in GCP Storage
-get-gcp-jwt: clean up references, use +ot
-get-gcp-jwt: produces an access token
-get-gcp-jwt: @dr expires_in, cleanup
-get-gcp-jwt: returns time of expiry
-get-gcp-jwt: documentation, clearer return faces
-get-gcp-jwt: sot -> jot, moar vertical
-get-gcp-jwt: correct scope, clean up call
-get-gcp-jwt: vertical
gcp: add token type
-get-gcp-token: renamed from -get-gcp-jwt
gcp: ark for tokens, token-to-json
gcp: make expiry relative
-get-gcp-token: error messages
interface: GCP skeleton
gcp: lib spacing
gcp: camel-case json key names
interface: refresh loop
-get-gcp-token: docs, formatting
interface: storing the gcp token
interface: extract GcpManager
interface: GcpReducer
interface: explicitly depend on querystring
interface: proof-of-concept GCP upload
interface: unnecessary const
interface: implement useStorage and withStorage
interface: thread gcp through props
GcpClient: remove unused BASE_URL
interface: GcpManager fixes
interface: supports both S3 and GCP Storage
interface: check accessKey !== undefined
interface: cleaner API, robust GcpManager retry
interface: fix S3 canUpload logic
interface, gcp: don't spam the console with 500s
interface: fix field name that broke GCP support
interface: fix regression in canUpload
interface: braces around if statements
interface: storage prop unifying gcp and s3
interface: correct useEffect memo
interface: basic error handling on upload failures
interface: fix a few type imports
Merge pull request #4484 from urbit/jo/gcp-settings-store

Liam Fitzgerald (6):
Revert "language-server: parse commands permissively"
language-server: ignore /sys files
language-server: prettier hover format
language-server: prevent %play-open on %zpgl
language-server: break up parser from shoe
language-server: retain state on reload

Logan Allen (1):
graph-threads: make %groupify and %restore compile

Philip Monk (9):
ames: reset num-live to actual number of live packets
zuse: traverse always delete
clay: fix upgrade
noun: add +mash
tests: update for removing +volt
drum-put: clam
clay: add %e, %f requests
marks: fixup
threads: make compile

Raymond E. Pasco (1):
Change PNG aura from @t to @

Ted Blackman (29):
clay: WIP static mark and cast builds
clay,lull: compiles with static marks
clay,lull: +test-mar-mime passes
clay: fix +grow in mark casting
clay: static clay boots
clay: added mark runes; can boot off solid pill
gall: fix request queue desynchronization bug
ames: more informative printing
clay: print if +read-at-aeon crashes
gall: crash properly on failed %boon from ames
pill: update solid
ames: shorten error printing; update pill
Merge branch 'release/next-sys' into ted/gall-q
Merge pull request #4454 from urbit/ted/gall-q
clay: fix mark +grad delegation bug
pill: update solid
clay: fix /% parser; clean up unit tests
clay: remove debug artifacts
clay: fix |mass; some renaming
clay: fix tests
language-server: fix parser
pill: update solid
Merge branch 'release/next-sys' into HEAD
clay: speed up +checkout-changes
pill: update solid
zuse: fix ordered-map delete many
zuse: actually fix ordered-map +traverse this time
zuse: remove unused +nup:ordered-map
zuse: ordered-map minor cleanup

fang (8):
clay: condense +pile-rule
Merge pull request #4203 from urbit/m/compact-pile
clay: condense +pile-rule
Merge branch 'master' into release/next-sys
dbug: assume new lane encoding
Merge pull request #4527 from juped/png-aura
tally: be safer wrt mangled metadata
Merge pull request #4533 from urbit/m/safer-tally

janeway (3):
glob: update to 0v1.5ahkf.kj160.veq26.sbnii.p6h5t
glob: update to 0vah4o5.ark7i.iqunl.or5d7.3rm2e
glob: update to 0v8buag.lcoib.dupqj.iprqk.spvqf
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