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Matilde Park

Sep 24, 2020, 10:35:26 PMSep 24
to urbit-dev

This release will be pushed to the network as an over-the-air update.

Base hash (check with +trouble):


Release notes:

- Links has been migrated to graph-store. This migration allows for
additional avenues for extensibility and improvements for this
application and eliminates a great deal of stress on the network.
However, users and developers should be prepared to migrate their data
to the new format. Please see "Breaking Changes" below.

- Additional commands have been added to the 'shoe' CLI library.

- Landscape has been updated to use the latest version of the Indigo
component library. You may notice some applications and UI elements have
been subtly refreshed.

- Fixes an issue where attempting to create a new notebook on mobile devices
produced a blank screen.

- Fixes an issue where all timestamps in the Publish note navigation
menu were "just a few seconds ago" instead of their actual date.

- The drag and drop display now includes dark mode styles.

- Fixes an issue where drag and drop did not display on Safari.

- Fixes an issue where dragging and dropping double posted a file or image when
using Safari.

- Fixes an issue where Leap would lose autofocus after the first use in
Safari 14.

- Fixes an issue where mousing over messages in Chat would produce a
'dancing' effect in specific browsers.

- Fixes an issue where joining a Chat would interfere with react-router
history or redirect unpredictably.

- Fixes an issue where embedded remote content would unload permanently
for the rest of the session if scrolled out of view, or if the page was
navigated from and to the same content.

- Fixes an issue with slow scrolling behaviour for chats in Firefox.

- Fixes an issue where PageUp, PageDown, Home, End, and other keys
resulted in backwards scroll behaviour while in Chat.

- Fixes an issue where pending messages in Chat displayed
inconsistently, or could disappear from view.

- Fixes an issue where attempting to unsubscribe from a notebook had no effect.

- Fixes an issue where ships would display when searching for groups
(for example, when creating a new group chat).

- The scrollbar height inside chats now reflects the current page of content,
not the height of the chatroom backlog.

- Fixes an issue where messages in chatrooms were occasionally
attributed to the previous message's author.

- Fixes an issue where the 'unread messages' box would overflow the
screen horizonally on mobile devices.

- Scrollbars are now transparent on browsers and operating systems that
previously had no styling (Windows, Linux).

- Fixes an issue where the Chat scrollbar, when manually dragged, dragged in
the reverse direction when using Chrome.

- The behaviour for showing and setting the 'unread messages' line has
been changed to remain visible until navigating away from the chat; a
room is marked as read when the line is visible, not when scrolled to
the bottom.

Breaking changes:

- Developers working on clients that previously used Links will now have
to rewrite their clients to use graph-store. We apologise for the lack
of notice in this regard; we are committed to improving our transparency
with developers further in advance with future releases.

For a guide on migrating from the Links data structure to the
graph-store data structure for link collections, please see this gist
for a comparison between the output JSON:


- Developers using Links' back-end for their applications should consult
the above gist as well as the graph-store architecture document:


- Metadata-store now includes a 'module' key and value to specify the
intended module when the application is 'graph'.

- Links was architected in a way where a collection had no clear owner;
data was not guaranteed to be validated across members of a collection,
and so when migrating to graph-store, we had no way of deterministically
assigning an owner across many potential member ships.

Accordingly, when you open Links, it will appear without data; all data your
ship was aware of has been archived, and can be exported and unarchived
by a group's owner to restore regular functionality.

** To unarchive a collection you currently have stored, please see the
following gist: **



If you wish to export or import a graph, you can use the following generators
to migrate graph information in and out of Unix using your %home desk:

`*%/graph-name/graph-update +graph-store/export-graph our %graph-name`

`:graph-store|import-graph %new-name %/graph-name/graph-update`


Fang (3):
shoe: add %table and %row shoe commands
shoe: add %table and %row usage to example app
dbug: attempt to scry for state

Gavin Atkinson (1):
remove fontSize property

Liam Fitzgerald (32):
graph-store: fix signatures & marks
lib/strandio: add +scry
graph-view: added create,join threads
spider: add HTTP interface
spider: add state adapters for HTTP interface
graph-view: add delete, leave threads
Revert "graph-hooks: deleted for now until we can test them with a UI"
marks: add graph-view marks
lib/graph: fix scries
graph-view: address review comments
interface: expand graph api
graph-view: refine threads
graph-view: revived groupify
graph-view: fix app-name in metadata
graph-view: error-handling pass
graph-view: remove typing of app
interface: bump indigo version
publish: introduce ProseMirror for markdown editing
interface: fix assorted breakage from 1.2 indigo bump
Revert "publish: introduce ProseMirror for markdown editing"
publish: use CodeMirror as editor
profile: fix form breakage caused by 1.2 migration
push-hook: Proxy local pokes and fix kick path
graph-view: en-path resource for md-hook
interface: cleanup more indigo shenanigans
publish: use Row for NoteForm layout
link: iterate over OrderedMap correctly
graph: subscribe to keys globally
graph: handle already joined case
publish: fix new notebook on mobile screen sizes
links: fix broken Input import
graph: add restore thread

Logan Allen (51):
graph-hooks: initial sketch
graph-hook: both hooks compile
Merge branch 'la/graph-hook' into lt/link-migration
hood: starts %graph-pull-hook and %graph-push-hook
link-hooks: deactivated and deleted state
link: deactivated view
link-hooks: left TODO comments
wip: style cleanup of sidebar and attempt at making new metadata entry
interface: links uses graph-store
interface: made comment page work, add comment, and settings
interface: cleaned up links
userspace: addressed TODOs and made %link-store compile
graph-validator-link: removed unicode characters
link-view: removed TODO
graph-push-hook: check whether someone is a member, not whether they can join
graph-push-hook: find group associated with app resource
Merge branch 'release/next-userspace' into lt/link-migration
Merge pull request #3485 from urbit/lt/link-migration
Merge pull request #3479 from urbit/lf/graph-be
Merge pull request #3458 from urbit/lf/graph-fixes
graph-thread: %forward an update to the appropriate %graph-push-hook
Merge branch 'release/link' into lt/link-js
graph-push-hook: graph push hook forwarding works
interface: working sidebar and new page
interface: comment item renders properly
graph-threads: fixed graph threads and added more fine-grained permissions to graph-push-hook
interface: got settings page partially working
interface: makes new collections invite-only
interface: useEffect for graph fetching
interface: finish delete graph integration
interface: added /~graph route with joining logic and partial redirect logic
Merge pull request #3478 from urbit/lt/link-js
metadata: add %module field to metadata
permission: fully deprecate and remove unnecessary logic
graph-view: added %module field to %graph-view %create action
Merge pull request #3542 from urbit/la/permission-clear
metadata-store: remove all %link entries
groups: fixed joining of links resources from channels screen
metadata-json: removed whitespace
Merge pull request #3543 from urbit/la/metadata-graph
interface: removed unused api and store files
Merge branch 'release/next-userspace' into release/link
Merge pull request #3552 from urbit/lf/hook-fixes
interface: fix tab bar to display and link properly
apps: fix issues with mark and remove unnecessary comments
interface: ported in Liam's graph-update reducer and threaded through some display parameters into LinkItem
interface: added oembeds and drag and drop back
Merge pull request #3556 from urbit/la/link-interface-fixes
link-listen-hook: silently discard %behn %wake
interface: last tweaks
Merge pull request #3521 from urbit/ted/link

Matilde Park (48):
Merge branch 'release/next-userspace' of github.com:urbit/urbit into release/next-userspace
Merge pull request #3494 from pkova/master
Merge pull request #3499 from tylershuster/stop-dancing
Merge pull request #3507 from tylershuster/join-history
Merge pull request #3509 from tylershuster/publish-unsubscribe
Merge pull request #3510 from tylershuster/embed-cancel
Merge pull request #3511 from tylershuster/chat-scroll-keys
arvo: remove test/example.udon
Merge pull request #3514 from tylershuster/drag-and-drop
Merge pull request #3515 from tylershuster/link-title
Merge pull request #3517 from tylershuster/invite-search
Merge pull request #3516 from tylershuster/pub-unsub
Merge pull request #3512 from tylershuster/backlog-height
publish: correct timestamps on note navigation
various: s3 dragger uses indigo-react
Merge pull request #3526 from urbit/mp/publish/timestamps
Merge pull request #3532 from tylershuster/dark-mode-error
Merge pull request #3533 from tylershuster/pending-message-fix
Merge pull request #3538 from tylershuster/scrollbar-colors
Merge pull request #3531 from tylershuster/notebook-refresh
Merge pull request #3529 from urbit/mp/chat/responsive-dragger
Merge pull request #3513 from tylershuster/unread-marker
Merge pull request #3535 from tylershuster/message-ordering
Merge pull request #3545 from tylershuster/image-jump
Merge branch 'mp/remove-test' (#3519)
Merge pull request #3546 from tylershuster/unread-jump
leap: destructure selection logic variables
Merge pull request #3548 from urbit/mp/leap/destructure-selecteds
leap: always blur and refocus input
leap: check for focus before blurring
Merge pull request #3551 from urbit/mp/leap/safari-14-autofocus
interface: add cursor css to tabs
interface: fix flexbox for groupView button layout
publish: set max width on new note title input
Merge branch 'lf/indigo-bump' (#3540)
links: pass remoteContentPolicy to pending comment
links: link-item retains hostname detection
links: all inputs use gray2
links: fix s3 detection
leap: refer to module when indexing graph data
Merge branch 'release/link' of github.com:urbit/urbit into release/link
interface: fixing syntax error in metadata settings
leap: fix react-routing to links
Merge branch 'release/link' (#3544)
Merge pull request #3562 from urbit/lf/publish-responsive-fix
glob: update to 0v6.5vpjh.iofq9.lseb0.1e4c8.2p7fo
Merge branch 'lf/pre-ota-fixes' (#3563)
glob: update to 0v4.6aspk.m4l21.aha5i.79git.eu8bv

Ted Blackman (13):
link: graph validator compiles and runs
links: data migration compiles; untested and still needs subscription migration
link: archive graph on migration
interface: wip links frontend migration
-graph-join: remove timeout
graph-view: hard-code app-name to %graph on server-side
interface: remove app-name from graph commands
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release/link' into lf/graph-be
WIP: +graph-export
+graph-store/export-graph and associated scry handler
:graph-store: remove stray printf
link-store: fix migration bugs

Tyler Brown Cifu Shuster (18):
chat: fixes dancing timestamps
all: Fixes joining navigation jank
all: standardize API response types
all: noop on unmounted fetch embed error
chat: fixes scroll keys
chat: fixes drag-and-drop bugs
links: prevents title from being overwritten
all: exclude ships from invite search when shipResults is false
publish: allow unsubscribing from notebooks
chat: make backlog height only reflect loaded messages
publish: fixed error on notebook refresh
chat: fixes misses pending messages
chat: sort message by number instead of timestamp
chat: fixes unread marker behavior
all: fixes error stack trace in dark mode
all: sets scrollbar colors
chat: fixes message jump
chat: fixes unread marker on blur

fang (2):
Merge pull request #3419 from urbit/m/shoe-tables
Merge pull request #3441 from urbit/m/dbug-state-scry

pkova (1):
webchat: fix slow scrolling



Sep 25, 2020, 5:11:08 AMSep 25
to Matilde Park, urbit-dev
Just a heads up that there's been an issue with this OTA relating to metadata-store. If you're seeing odd behavior onthe network, that's why.

~hastuc and I are looking into deploying a hotfix right now.


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