[ANNOUNCE] %groups and %talk v3.3.0

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May 23, 2023, 5:17:09 PM5/23/23
to urbit-dev
Tlon will release an over-the-air update for %groups and %talk tomorrow, ~2023.5.24. This release adds custom roles for groups and role-based permissions to channels in Groups, adds front-end support for channel descriptions, and addresses a slew of functional and UX issues.

- Adds channel-specific roles for Groups. Allows group administrators to define roles in the Members & Info editor, add group members to roles in the Members tab, and specify read/write permissions for specific channels in the Edit Channel dialog.
- Adds notifications for comments on Gallery items you post.
- Adds a tooltip on @ps to show nicknames for easy reference when the "Hide nicknames" setting is enabled.
- Adds channel descriptions.
- Adds native-style progressive web app icons for macOS.
- Adds basic end-to-end tests via Playwright to mitigate build-based instability.
- Adds a %u scry endpoint for chat.
- Adds the ability to view a user's profile while in a Talk DM by clicking on the large sigil at the beginning of the message history.
- Adds the ability to see which ships have not yet accepted a multi-DM request in Talk.
- Adds an attachment to the window object for fileUploader for third-party plugins.
- Improves the experience of joining a group hosted by a ship that is offline or otherwise difficult to connect to.
- Improves text highlighting of code blocks and pre-formatted text.
- Improves reconnect logic via the `js-http-api` library.
- Improves rendering of Notebook references.
- Fixes an issue where if many people reacted to a Chat message with the same emoji, the tooltip list of people would sometimes overflow the browser viewport.
- Fixes an issue where the chat input would lose focus on mobile.
- Fixes an issue where the emoji picker would sometimes appear far beneath the targeted Chat message.
- Fixes an issue where the emoji picker would fail to appear in a Chat thread on mobile Safari.
- Fixes an issue with Leap where a "Cannot destructure property 'title' of 'e' as it is undefined" error would block interactivity.
- Fixes an issue where private groups would display as public but fail on join.
- Fixes an issue where inviting someone to a multi-party DM who was already in the DM would result in a bad membership state and missed messages.
- Fixes an issue in Profiles where Favorite Groups would fail to render a preview or icon.
- Fixes an issue in Profiles where the "Expand Bio" button would appear even after expanding the biography.
- Fixes an issue where Groups would aggressively redirect to Find Groups on mobile.
- Fixes an issue where Groups would not reflect the online/offline state of the Lure service when creating invite links.
- Fixes an issue where turning off the "Remote Content" setting would render Galleries inoperable.
- Fixes an issue where automatically joining a series of channels (on group join, for instance) would result in incorrect permissions.
- Fixes several issues where receiving a direct message would result in  `%bad-dm-take` and `%poke-ack failed` errors  in dojo.
- Fixes an issue in `%hark` where an empty `%desks` scry would crash.
- Fixes an issue where selecting "Leave Group" would not leaving the group.

More details on GitHub: https://github.com/tloncorp/landscape-apps/releases/tag/v3.3.0


May 24, 2023, 7:51:29 AM5/24/23
to urbit-dev, ~rilfun-lidlen
This has been released.

Desk hashes:
%groups 0v15.h7o12.r1phb.t5019.glq38.cbf0o.6fdec.ru4fr.ikpl5.285m6.fu6ca
%talk 0v1v.tegne.p0ohm.om570.a31ts.6i492.t7qfq.0mudl.f6tkk.07jsq.26geq


May 24, 2023, 1:48:21 PM5/24/23
to urbit-dev, ~rilfun-lidlen
Update: the correct desk hashes are as follows.

%groups 0vg.hq5ga.5r1eu.v1vre.n3qj6.ro183.3t4ph.26ei6.lcic2.8r09h.u8e47
%talk 0v5.j8is3.1tfvt.fpc04.5r628.bqrol.3ijct.15qtc.5nsq4.uoq29.2rcsa

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