[ANNOUNCE] urbit-os-v2.55

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Liam Fitzgerald

Apr 8, 2021, 1:38:51 AMApr 8
to urbit-dev

This release will be pushed to the network as an over-the-air update.

Base hash (check with +trouble):

Breaking changes: none

Release notes:
- Keeps marks warm, preventing unnecessary rebuilds and improving performance
- Changes landscape to use an immutable store, improving performance
- A variety of bug fixes


James Acklin (1):
      chat: rectify sigil corners

Jōshin (4):
      interface: type annotations, imports
      interface: remove broken/unused MetadataForm
      interface: no nullish assignment
      gcp: isConfigured doesn't touch store

Liam Fitzgerald (10):
      interface: update reducers for immer
      interface: immutable store
      interface: mark BigIntOrderedMap compat with immer
      EditProfile: do not mutate contact
      publish: fix color in darkmode
      subscription: clear opened subs before restart
      Invite: fix stale props in inviteAccept callback
      ChatMessage: prevent link overflow
      interface: update package-lock.json
      glob: update to 0v4.7tk5q.9ha4l.tbmji.fvkno.s9pfq

Logan Allen (7):
      observe-hook: upgrade to keep marks warm
      observe-hook: warm up caches in +on-init also, not just +on-load
      observe-hook: remove debugging code
      observe-hook: listen for mark additions
      graph-store: remove obsoleted code necessary to keep graph marks warm
      observe-hook: ask for next case as opposed to now.bowl when using %next, unless riot is null. small cleanup
      observe-hook: style fixes as per joe's review

Matilde Park (3):
      chat: prevent input overflow offscreen
      ViewProfile: clone contact groups array
      Revert "build: pkg/interface builds pkg/npm preinstall"



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