[ANNOUNCE] %groups and %talk v2.3.1

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James Acklin

Jan 5, 2023, 6:07:42 PM1/5/23
to urbit-dev
Over-the-air (OTA) update for %groups and %talk with respective hashes 0vs.n20oi.r18b8.ruh8k.250eh.iummk.p8udg.8l23j.b9628.n3sao.j2gsd and  0v1a.6gfhh.oeeuq.4b5nn.nibtq.va6jd.cogfr.11i6o.2rg1f.sto1s.06sqf

- Ensures that group admins can actually perform admin actions regardless of pre-migration channel permissions. Also includes a manual reset for pre-migration custom channel permissions and switches the channel to "Open to All," which should cleanly set the stage for custom reader/writer permissions coming later. The team will work out wiring the poke up to a button somewhere in the admin UI. This also makes sure kicking members from a group works.
- Improves the reliability of loading a migrated chat channel.
- Ensures that admins can delete chat messages, not just their own.
- Fixes an issue where receiving a new message in a multi-party DM would wipe whatever text you had entered in the chat input.
- Fixes the seeming dead-end when following a chat thread notification from Landscape. Also makes the ESC hotkey more reliable to dismiss modals or threads.
- Automatically marks a channel as read when you submit a message, preventing being notified for your own messages.
- Marks a chat channel as read as soon as you navigate away from it, even if you didn't click the "Mark as read" banner.
- Fixes an issue where new multi-party DM invitations wouldn't appear in the Talk sidebar, and existing multi-DMs wouldn't show unread indicators.
- Marks a @mention notification as read when you see the ~mention and prevents group unread markers from lingering.
- Blocks read-only channel members from seeing the text input in chat threads.
- Shows the correct last-reply time for chat threads in the main chat log.
- Prevents the contents of a DM invitation from being shown in notifications until you accept the DM.
- Prevents a group invitation notification from a group you just joined.
- Allows you to leave a group and see all the channels in the group on mobile.
- Adds unread counts to the browser title bar of Talk, based on the selected message type filter in the sidebar.
- Loads >50 notebook posts on scroll.
- Adds horizontal scrolling to code blocks in chat messages.
- Removes an empty overflow menu for non-editable collection items.
- Reduces the number of on-screen elements in the chat input on mobile.
- Sets an appropriate width for the multi-DM info modal and improves the layout of the color/image picker for the multi-DM icon.
- Adjusts the layout of the "Favorite Groups" tags in profiles.

More details on GitHub: https://github.com/tloncorp/landscape-apps/releases

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