UNCG WordPress theme 2.1.8 now available

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UNCG WordPress theme 2.1.8 now available Brook Tester 8/16/13 12:44 PM
A new version of the UNCG WordPress theme has been released and contains two changes.
  1. Support for custom menus in the horizontal navigation
    • You may now create a custom menu and use that as your horizontal navigation instead of having WordPress automatically create the menu from your pages. Visit the WordPress Menu User Guide for information on working with menus.
  2. Removal of php short tags
    • A few files had php short tags (<? instead of <?php) which could cause issues if the hosting environment did not support short tags.
WordPress should prompt you to upgrade to version 2.1.8 of the theme within the next couple days or you may download the new version from the IOC website.

Please contact 6-TECH by phone at 336.256.TECH(8324) or by email at 6-T...@uncg.edu if you have any issues.