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Invitation to attend DevOps, May 17 it-comm IT Communications 11:59 AM
Join us: DIY Accessibility Lunch ‘n Learn 4/24 it-comm IT Communications 4/20/18
PeopleSoft Database Upgrade - POSTPONED David Imdieke 4/20/18
Disruption to "onestop2" applications - resolved David Imdieke 4/20/18
Disruption to "onestop2" applications. David Imdieke 4/20/18
PeopleSoft Database Upgrade: April 21st, noon to midnight David Imdieke 4/13/18
[good practices] Stop that Phish! Protect Yourself from Email Scams; Browser Safety Jenny Blaine 4/6/18
Monthly IT Update bernard 4/4/18
PRB0045377 - JAMF - Mac Management fully restored and back online Donna Edelen 4/3/18
PRB0045377 - JAMF Mac Management Update Donna Edelen 4/3/18
PRB0045377 - JAMF Mac Management System currently unavailable Donna Edelen 4/3/18
Upcoming Release of Google Team Drive and File Stream it-comm IT Communications 4/3/18
Join us in April: NGN Information Sessions Next Generation Network Team 4/2/18
Digital Accessibility Q&A this Thursday it-comm IT Communications 3/27/18
PeopleSoft Finance (EFS) Updates Complete dodso015 3/25/18
Announcing Tech-People April 11, 2018 Jenny Blaine 3/23/18
News from NGN: Project Update March 2018 Next Generation Network Team 3/22/18
PeopleSoft Finance (EFS) Update March 24-25 dodso015 3/21/18 Unavailable During Planned Maintenance This Thursday Kathy Olson 3/19/18
Gmail Service Degration - RESOLVED spn 3/16/18
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