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Welcome to MGSA-L, an electronic mail list serving Modern Greek studies.

The kinds of information exchanged on this list are likely to include abstracts of current and proposed research, theses, published and unpublished references, upcoming conferences or their proceedings, job openings, information on grant proposals or funding, and discussion on Modern Greek Studies curricula in higher education. Members of MGSA-L  may request input or invite participation on a research project, or enter  into a dialogue on issues of concern to students in Modern Greek Studies  with fellow subscribers.

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This is a moderated list (in which all entries must be approved by a list owner before they are broadcast to subscribers).  The list manager will not hesitate to cut off list access to anyone who uses the list for ad hominem attacks or malicious mischief.  Long rambling postings are not welcome, nor are postings with lengthy quotes from previous postings.  Please avoid posting attachments as they clutter emailboxes and the list archives.

The MGSA-L is a moderated forum for the free and open exchange of ideas and information among its members.  The opinions and viewpoints expressed on this forum are solely those of the individual expressing them and do not represent those of the Modern Greek Study Association.  Although the webmaster reserves the right to remove or suggest changes to postings that are unnecessarily provocative or hostile, the MGSA assumes no responsibility for the content of the listserv.

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