New and Open Sourced WRF Domain Wizard Tool Annoucement!!!!

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Will H

Apr 7, 2024, 12:04:36 PMApr 7
Good morning everyone,

I am thrilled to announce a secret project that Jiri Richter and I have been working on to enhance the NSF NCAR - The National Center for Atmospheric Research's Weather Research and Forecasting Model #WRF.

The WRF Domain Wizard, a cornerstone tool for meteorologists and atmospheric scientists globally, has unfortunately been discontinued due to NCAR's restructuring. This tool, known for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, has been a staple in the community, frequently appearing in peer-reviewed journals.

Recognizing the gap left by its absence, I discovered a tool on GitHub developed by Jiri Richter. With the endorsement of the original WRF Domain Wizard creators at NOAA: National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration), we accessed the source code of the original wizard. Our collaboration aims to revive and enhance its capabilities, resulting in a new website that honors the original tool's legacy.

The revamped WRF Domain Wizard, coded in JavaScript, boasts all four essential projections: Mercator, Lambert Conformal, LAT-LONG, and Polar. Its JavaScript foundation allows for seamless integration of various topographical and cultural map layers, as demonstrated in the attached images, showcasing the same Texas projection but with the new tool's enhancements.

Here's what the new WRF Domain Wizard offers:
Namelist Customization: Upload and edit your WRF namelist files directly.

- Projection Consistency: Ensures the spacing requirements for WRF projections are maintained.
- Enhanced Mapping: Incorporates both geographic and cultural layers for detailed analysis.
- Multiple Projections: Supports Mercator, Lambert Conformal, LAT-LONG, and Polar projections.
- Grid Cell Visualization: Enables clear viewing of grid cells for precise domain setup.
- Satellite Imagery Overlay: Integrate real-time satellite images for enhanced situational awareness.
- Latitude and Longitude Overlay: Improve geographic referencing with lat-long grids.
- User-friendly Interface: Designed for ease of use, facilitating smooth navigation and operation.

We invite the atmospheric science community to utilize this tool for research and forecasting. Your feedback is invaluable; please report any bugs or suggest enhancements on the GitHub page, accessible via the gear icon in the tool's top-left corner.

Discover the new WRF Domain Wizard here:

WRF Domain Wizard

HTML implementation of GUI for the WRF Preprocessor System (WPS) and namelist.input

Connect with Jiri Richter, the technical genius behind this initiative, to stay updated on further developments.

Warm regards,

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