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Welcome to the WRF-Hydro User's Forum!

This forum is intended as a place where Users of the WRF-Hydro Modeling System help each other by sharing their inquiries, solving problems, and discussing topics related to WRF-Hydro.
The WRF-Hydro Team administrates and moderates the forum, and regularly participates in it, but does not participate in all discussions.

It will help if you state what you are running & the code verisons or if you just want ideas on methods:
  • WRF-Hydro in standalone mode
  • WRF-Hydro in standalone mode but using forcings from WRF (wrfout* files)
  • WRF-Hydro coupled to WRF
  • Running just WRF - oops! wrong forum please see https://forum.mmm.ucar.edu/phpBB3/
  • Specific Preprocessing tool
  • Specific Postprocessing tool
We have many additional resources for assisting users in working with WRF-Hydro.