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Ann Tsay

May 17, 2024, 10:51:03 PMMay 17
to ESMF Core, esmf...@ucar.edu

Dear all,

The ESMF Core Team is pleased to announce the ESMF 8.6.1 release. It is now available for download at https://github.com/esmf-org/esmf/releases/tag/v8.6.1. Release notes and known issues are also available in the usual format on the ESMF website: https://earthsystemmodeling.org/static/releases.html#8_6_1

The 8.6.1 release of ESMF is a patch release to the previously released 8.6.0, introducing 2 minor feature enhancements and 14 fixes in various areas such as ESMF Config, HConfig, and ESMF Field.

Due to user requests, ESMF Config was enhanced to remove the single line limitation of 1024 characters.  In addition, the ESMF library target within the FindESMF module has been changed to conform to the imported library standard.  Both feature enhancements allow more flexibility and usability.,

Several corrections were introduced, such as the returning of index space information by ESMF_FieldGet(), start_index attribute in ESMFMesh unstructured mesh file in edge cases, interpretation of ESMF_RUNTIME_ environment variable keys by ESMF_Initialize(),  ESMF_NVML=OFF build option, building of ESMF with ESMF_NO_GETHOSTID, equality operators in the ESMF_HConfig and ESMF_HConfigIter, and ISO_C_BINDING symbols export via the ESMF Fortran module.

Incremental progress was also made in several other areas of the framework. In ESMF_Config, several enhancements and fixes were made to cover more edge cases such as dealing with string length, special characters, and blank values.  

Note: ESMF_Config will be deprecated in a future major release for the preferred ESMF_HConfig class, which supports YAML coded configuration files. Deprecation has not been scheduled at this time due to the high impact it will have on existing configuration files.

All known issues listed in the previously released 8.6.0 remain the same.

For a full list of release notes and known issues see https://github.com/esmf-org/esmf/releases/tag/v8.6.1 or https://earthsystemmodeling.org/static/releases.html#8_6_1

Along with this release the ESMF Core Team is happy to introduce ESMF Discussions (https://github.com/orgs/esmf-org/discussions), a GitHub Discussions forum for publicly discussing ESMF concerns and requests. This will run as a pilot program through the end of 2024, at which time we will evaluate the effectiveness of this forum. The ESMF Core Team will follow and respond to posts made in ESMF Discussions, and we encourage users to try out this forum. For more information please see the ESMF Discussions How-To Guide.

As always, please write esmf_s...@ucar.edu with any questions or issues concerning ESMF.

With best regards,

The ESMF Core Team

Ann Tsay
ESMF Project Manager
Climate & Global Dynamics Laboratory
NSF National Center for Atmospheric Research

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