Privilege Escalation Vulnerability in sudoedit (CVE-2023-22809)

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Fleury, Terry

Jan 25, 2023, 4:27:35 PM1/25/23

CI Operators:

A vulnerability discovered in the sudo package (CVE-2023-22809 [1]) could lead to arbitrary file writes with privileges of the RunAs user (typically root) [2].



The sudoedit feature (i.e., "sudo -e") mishandles additional arguments passed to the user-provided environment variables such as VISUAL and EDITOR, allowing a local attacker to edit arbitrary files with escalated privileges. This vulnerability is rated "high" since an attack is simple, but requires a local user account.


Affected Software

sudo v1.8.0 - v1.9.12p1



Update the "sudo" package on your system as soon as possible. Updates are available for all major Linux distributions. Alternatively, the issue can be mitigated [3] by preventing user-specified editors in the sudoers file as follows.


    Defaults!sudoedit env_delete+="SUDO_EDITOR VISUAL EDITOR"







How Trusted CI can help:

The potential impact of any vulnerability, and therefore the appropriate response, depends in part on operational conditions that are unique to each cyberinfrastructure deployment. Trusted CI cannot provide a one-size-fits-all severity rating and response recommendation for all NSF cyberinfrastructure. Please contact us ( if you need assistance with assessing the potential impact of this vulnerability in your environment and/or you have additional information about this issue that should be shared with the community.


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