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Leo - Region One Newsletter

Nov 1, 2021, 8:56:07 PM11/1/21
to Region One list
The November 2021 Region One newsletter was published to the Region One website on 11/1/2021.  This is a 6 page edition.

In this edition you will find:
  • Information and Location of the November Meeting in Pearland
  • First listing of 2022 meeting hosts.  This will be refined in the next edition.
  • Why a Challenge Coin ?
  • Photos from the October meeting
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This edition is on the newsletter archive page also: -- the archive contains Region One newsletters back to April 2005.


Leo Waltz
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Leo Waltz
The FLASH Newsletter
Region One of the Texas CPAAA

Nov 2, 2021, 11:08:46 AM11/2/21
to Region One
There were two errors on Page 3 which were corrected within the hour after the email went out.  If you downloaded the newsletter and see the word "June" at the top of page 3, you got the version with the error, so you should download it again to get the corrected edition which also fixed a misspelled word.
Sorry for not catching this, but my proofreading is cut short because of personal time-consuming tasks related to my wife's condition and my lack of time management. Also it's best not to fall asleep and let your head hit the keyboard, sending random keystrokes into a document. 🙃

Leo Waltz

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