Flatbuffer error while using tflite converted to .h while running on STMicroController

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Srisuhasini Gottumukkala

May 6, 2022, 6:55:32 AM5/6/22
to TensorFlow Lite
    I am converting the tflite model to .h file. The model works fine with 2 layers and it fails when there are more than two layers.
!apt-get update && apt-get -qq install xxd
# Convert to a C source file, i.e, a TensorFlow Lite for Microcontrollers model
# Update variable names
REPLACE_TEXT = MODEL_TFLITE.replace('/', '_').replace('.', '_')
!sed -i 's/'{REPLACE_TEXT}'/model300_2/g' {MODEL_TFLITE_MICRO}

error i am getting:
Breakpoint 4, setup () at ..\src\main_functions.cc:84
84          model, resolver, tensor_arena, kTensorArenaSize, error_reporter);

Breakpoint 1, setup () at ..\src\main_functions.cc:85
85      interpreter = &static_interpreter;

Breakpoint 3, setup () at ..\src\main_functions.cc:88
88      TfLiteStatus allocate_status = interpreter->AllocateTensors();

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x000000000048b8bc in tflite::BuiltinDataAllocator::AllocatePOD<TfLiteFullyConnectedParams> (this=0x4e47b8 <(anonymous namespace)::tensor_arena+1752>) at D:/Projects/TinyML_Simulator/TF_Simulator/tensorflowLite/tensorflow/lite/core/api/flatbuffer_conversions.h:48
48        return new (allocated_memory) T();

Please help me in resolving the issue

Rocky Rhodes

May 16, 2022, 5:17:58 PM5/16/22
to Srisuhasini Gottumukkala, TensorFlow Lite
Sorry you're having trouble. I'm not able to tell exactly what is going on from your description, but it sounds like you may be copying/changing code from one of the TFLM examples. In the examples, the constant kTensorArenaSize is set to an appropriate size for the particular model used. For a larger model (you mention this is a problem when you increase your model size by adding layers) this constant will need to be increased.  I would try a bigger arena and see if that works.

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