TensorFlow.js Announce

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Welcome to tfjs-announce@tensorflow.org, the TensorFlow.js announcement mailing list! This is an announcement-only mailing list to keep you informed about important announcements and releases of TensorFlow.js, TensorFlow’s machine learning library for Javascript.

Be sure to visit js.tensorflow.org for more information, getting started guides, tutorials, demos, API reference documentation, and other resources for TensorFlow.js.

We also invite you to join tfjs@tensorflow.org, the TensorFlow.js community mailing list, which is an open forum for you to interact with and share with other users topics related to TensorFlow.js usage.

If you are interested in the TensorFlow ecosystem beyond TensorFlow.js, become a part of the broader TensorFlow community by joining the open TensorFlow community mailing list or the TensorFlow announcements-only mailing list.

Also check out blog.tensorflow.org where we post articles and other community content.

Thank you for joining the TensorFlow.js community and we look forward to seeing the amazing things you build!