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Welcome to tfjs@tensorflow.org, the TensorFlow.js community mailing list! This is an open forum for members of the TensorFlow.js community to share their ideas and projects with each other, and connect around doing machine learning in JavaScript.

If you have technical questions or issues, and wish to get help from the community, please use Stack Overflow and the tensorflow.js tag (not this mailing list).

This is an open mailing list, which means anyone is free to join and make posts. We ask that you please be considerate to each other and adhere to the TensorFlow code of conduct.

If you want to keep up to date with official announcements to the TensorFlow.js project, please subscribe to tfjs-announce@tensorflow.org which is an announcement only mailing list maintained by the TensorFlow.js team. If you are interested in the TensorFlow ecosystem beyond JavaScript, take a look at the TensorFlow community page.

Take a look at our website to see demos, tutorials and API documentation. Check out our GitHub repository if you need to file an issue or bug with the library itself. You can also follow the TensorFlow Blog to keep up with news from the TensorFlow ecosystem. Finally remember to check / use the #MadeWithTFJS hashtag on social to find amazing things the community is making, but also so we can find your great work to potentially feature at future events.

Thank you for joining the TensorFlow.js community and we look forward to seeing the amazing things you build!