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SIG TFX-Addons facilitates community contributions of community-supported software and tools which can be used with TFX to build a production ML solution. Please take a look at the overview of our goals and scope below. We're looking forward to collaborating with you!

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Goals & Objectives

We welcome community contributions on any area of TFX, but this SIG will initially focus on the following goals:

  • Driving the development of high-quality custom pipeline components, including Python function-based components, container-based components, and fully custom components.
  • Shaping a standardized set of descriptive metadata for community-contributed components to enable easy understanding, comparison, and sharing of components during discovery.
  • Similarly driving the development of templates, libraries, visualizations, and other useful additions to TFX.
These projects will begin as proposals to the SIG, and upon approval will be led and maintained by the community members involved in the project and assigned a project folder, with oversight from the Google TFX team.

In-Scope, Out of Scope

Although TFX is an open-source project and we welcome contributions to TFX itself, this SIG does not include contributions or additions to core TFX. It is focused only on building community-contributed and maintained additions on top of core TFX. Core TFX has its own repo, and PRs and issues will continue to be managed there. In addition, all contributions must not violate the Google AI Principles or Responsible AI Practices. Contributions to this SIG must be accompanied by a Contributor License Agreement.