MatMul Error after trying to fork Magenta-Studio use my own models.

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Riley Stange

Sep 14, 2021, 1:13:07 AM9/14/21
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I'm posting this here as I have not heard back when posting an issue on the magenta-studio repo. My overall goal is to create my own fork of magenta-studio that has Drumify with a model that is trained on my own data-set of midi drum files. So far the furthest I've gotten is a MatMul error, after following Adam Robert's instructions that he gave me. It was not without many other issues, like being unable to rebuild natively on Windows, and having to do it through the Windows Subsystem for Linux to get further. I will link here to the issue that has more detailed information. I understand this is an old, seemingly abandoned project, and the people who worked on it are busy trying to attend to their job responsibilities so they can stay financially afloat. I just figured I would try this avenue for more assistance since I see a lot of potential in this project when artists can control the output of the plugins through training their own models with the data of their choice.

I'm here to have a tool that is useful to other musicians to streamline their creative workflow, without stifling their personal style of expression. So, anyone that helps, their contribution will be forever made known to the world.

Thank you for taking the time to read!

Riley Stange
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