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Anthony Sallis

Jul 3, 2022, 10:47:41 PMJul 3
to Magenta Discuss
I'm enjoying getting to know the Magenta Ableton plugins. 

Can't help being somewhat offput when working in a key scale, the generated patterns don't keep to that scale. (Or I missed something) Having to adjust the notes after to keep in scale just doesn't ever sound right - should they be raised or lowered to fit, etc.  Of course this is actually essential for drums mode to ensure that each key is available for selection, but outright ruins a scale in melody mode.  Be great if it could recognise if tha Ableton input clip was in 'scale' mode and limit the notes to that scale, as an option of course.

Also the plugins would benefit by having a wider scope to output the clips - allowing them to be output to any other track at any position rather than it cheekily :-) ask to overwrite pre-existing content because it seems to be constrained to the input clip's track and to a certain scene row. 

Other than that, fantastic!

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