How to use the replay buffer in tf_agents for contextual bandit, that predicts and trains on a daily basis

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Apr 27, 2022, 1:09:45 PM4/27/22
to TensorFlow Developers

I am using the tf_Agents library for contextual bandits usecase.

In this usecase predictions (daily range between 20k and 30k predictions, 1 for each user) are made daily (multiple times a day) and training only happens on all the predicted data from 4 days ago (Since the labels for predictions takes 3 days to observe).

The driver seems to replay only the batch_size number of experience (Since max_step length is 1 for contextual bandits). Also the replay buffer has the same constraint only handling batch size number of experiences.

I wanted to use checkpointer and save all the predictions (experience from driver which are saved in replay buffer) from the past 4 days and train only on the first of the 4 days saved on each given day.

I am unsure how to do the following and any help is greatly appreciate.

  1. How to (run the driver) save replay buffer using checkpoints for the entire day (a day contains, say, 3 predictions runs and each prediction will be made on 30,000 observations [say batch size of 16]). So in this case I need multiple saves for each day
  2. How to save the replay buffers for past 4 days (12 prediction runs ) and only retrieve the first 3 prediction runs (replay buffer and the driver run) to train for each day.
  3. Unsure how to handle the driver, replay buffer and checkpointer configurations given the above #1, #2 above
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