Sunsetting Python3.5 support

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Goldie Gadde

Oct 12, 2020, 1:49:38 PM10/12/20
to TensorFlow Developers, SIG Build, Goldie Gadde
TL;DR: Dropping support for py3.5 binaries

Hello developers

Python3.5 has reached end of life as of September 13' 2020. Please check this link for details on the last release and end of life notice. 
As a result, TensorFlow will drop support for Python3.5 binaries starting October 16' 2020.  
We will no longer distribute Python3.5 binaries for the nightlies or TF releases. 

On behalf of the TensorFlow team, 

Mihai Maruseac

Mar 8, 2021, 7:55:55 PMMar 8
to Zeno Gantner, TensorFlow Developers, Goldie Gadde, Goldie Gadde

Yes to both. Sorry for the outdated documentation and thank you for the upcoming PRs.

On Mon, Mar 8, 2021 at 11:50 AM Zeno Gantner <> wrote:

Sorry for replying to a 5 month old e-mail -- does this also mean

1. The references to Python 3.5 should be dropped from here ? Not meant as a criticism, I would also volunteer to create a PR for this ...
2. Python 3.6 features like f-strings can be used in the TensorFlow codebase?

Best regards,
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Mihai Maruseac

Mar 11, 2021, 5:18:54 PMMar 11
to Zeno Gantner, TensorFlow Developers, Goldie Gadde, Goldie Gadde
Thank you for the PR.

I have approved it, but it will take some time until it fully lands.

On Thu, Mar 11, 2021 at 1:53 PM Zeno Gantner <> wrote:
Hello Mihai,

Thank you for your kind reply.

Here is the PR that fixes it on the installation pages:

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