TensorFlow Addons Meeting Minutes: September2020

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Sean Morgan

Sep 9, 2020, 11:28:51 PM9/9/20
to SIG Addons, Karmel Allison, Joana Carrasqueira


  • Thursday, September 3rd, 11am-12pm PT


  • Congrats on ~1K stars!

  • TFA 0.11 Release

    • 0.11.2 with updated doc formatting and doctests

    • Tensorflow.org has been updated

  • Pressure from TF vertical grouping (keras-cv, etc.)

    • Keras NLP: https://github.com/keras-team/governance/pull/22

    • Keras CV: https://github.com/keras-team/governance/pull/23

    • Want to understand our position in the ecosystem

    • Addons graduates to Model Garden now?

      • Problems w/ Model Garden OSS Interactions

      • Reusable building blocks should not go into model garden

      • Model garden to depend on keras-core, keras-cv, keras-nlp, addons

      • Who can we reach out to when there are issues with reusability

        • Many teams are working within the tf/model repo

        • Zhenyu can be tagged, or Tomer, Francois, Paige

        • @tomerk, @tanzhenyu, @dynamicwebpaige, @fchollet

    • Agreement that we need coordination

    • Solutions

      • Graduation and deprecation process would be handled by TF team?

        • Keras team to be involved in any upstreams to keras-cv, keras-nlp

      • Feature request ambassadors

        • Is something that will be superseded in the future?

        • Draft a flow chart

          • Where should the PR land

            • Tf-addons, tf-core, keras-core, keras-cv, keras-nlp, model-garden?

            • Single centralized place for issues would be great

              • TF.org contributing page?

              • People often try tf-core first

        • Grace period on Addons issues to be able to notify internal team to decide where the PR should go

          • Paige willing to be internal contact for looking at feature requests that land on our repo

          • @dynamicwebpaige

  • Stale maintainership

  • Publish dev container

  • Misc

    • https://cs.opensource.google/tensorflow/addons

    • Open Floor

      • TF-Core and TF-Addons are the only C++ repositories

        • TPU custom-op C++ compatibility is only available for TF-core since it has to be compiled alongside the core package

        • Will Keras-CV, Core, NLP place all custom-ops in TF-Core / Addons?

          • Using composite ops only?

          • TF serving often doesn’t use a python interpreter (SavedModel may solve that?)

          • Long term plan is relying on compiler tech

            • Possible C++ custom ops will go away in the future

          • TFRT has experimental SavedModel inference support

          • Keras historically had some dependency on PIL

            • New preprocessing is fully integrated with TF ops

            • Keras CV will need custom-ops landed in TF core.

      • Is TF-Serving still maintained?

        • Part of TFX team

        • Not responding to GitHub PRs

        • SavedModel C++ inference on artifact 

        • Serving endpoints still needed

Action Items:

  • Update our repos CONTRIBUTING / GRADUATION md files (Sean + SIG)
  • Edit the Keras RFCs to say model garden isn’t the intermediate between addons and Keras (Zhenyu)

  • Begin the grace period and notifications for feature requests (SIG)

  • Discuss with model team that should be using modular packages (Paige)

  • Publish dev containers (SIG)

  • Test the health of current CODEOWNERS (SIG)

  • CRF Layer tutorial (SIG)

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