TensorFlow Addons Newsletter: September2020

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Sean Morgan

Sep 9, 2020, 11:22:17 PM9/9/20
to SIG Addons, dis...@tensorflow.org, Joana Carrasqueira, Karmel Allison, Paige Bailey
Hi all,

As mentioned, we'll be sending out a monthly newsletter describing the state of the repo, top relevant issues, and the road-map going forward. A big reason for this is to boost community input so please comment on the below information if you have any thoughts! 

We've released a 0.11 version of Addons built against TF2.3 but with python op support for TF2.2 as well. We had a fruitful discussion with the core TF and Keras team members at our last SIG meeting and wanted to highlight two major changes to our repo:

1. All new contributions to Addons should first go through an ecosystem review so that we can verify components are not already on the roadmap for tf-core, keras-core, keras-cv or keras-nlp. To do this simply create an issue prior to submitting any new contribution PR. 

2. Migrations from Addons will be handled by TF/Keras team members for now on since the burden of doing so was too great for our SIG without internal interactions. 

Daily Downloads for package TFA:
We're still hovering around a healthy 5k daily downloads for TFA, and have surpassed 1.5M total downloads of our package. We want to thank everyone in the SIG and community for their continued support in keeping our package sustainable and useful!


Landmark Issues:
Below are some of the landmark issues that we're aiming to address in the coming month(s). As always we're looking for help so feel free to discuss if you're interested in any of these issues:
We have noticed a significant drop in maintainer response, and as mentioned above we'll be performing a semi-regular audit of proxy maintainers who are still active. We expect significant gaps to appear and would love for new maintainers to step up and keep Addons sustainable! Stay Tuned!

Best Regards,

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