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Paige Bailey

Jun 27, 2020, 11:24:06 AM6/27/20
to dimple a shajahan ed16d009,, TPU Users
You can file a feature request to have Chamfer Loss implemented in TF Addons ( ); in the meantime, it looks like someone on StackOverflow has shared a TensorFlow implementation:

def distance_matrix(array1, array2):
        array1: the array, size: (num_point, num_feature)
        array2: the samples, size: (num_point, num_feature)
        distances: each entry is the distance from a sample to array1
            , it's size: (num_point, num_point)
    num_point, num_features = array1.shape
    expanded_array1 = tf.tile(array1, (num_point, 1))
    expanded_array2 = tf.reshape(
            tf.tile(tf.expand_dims(array2, 1), 
                    (1, num_point, 1)),
            (-1, num_features))
    distances = tf.norm(expanded_array1-expanded_array2, axis=1)
    distances = tf.reshape(distances, (num_point, num_point))
    return distances

def av_dist(array1, array2):
        array1, array2: both size: (num_points, num_feature)
        distances: size: (1,)
    distances = distance_matrix(array1, array2)
    distances = tf.reduce_min(distances, axis=1)
    distances = tf.reduce_mean(distances)
    return distances

def av_dist_sum(arrays):
        arrays: array1, array2
        sum of av_dist(array1, array2) and av_dist(array2, array1)
    array1, array2 = arrays
    av_dist1 = av_dist(array1, array2)
    av_dist2 = av_dist(array2, array1)
    return av_dist1+av_dist2

def chamfer_distance_tf(array1, array2):
    batch_size, num_point, num_features = array1.shape
    dist = tf.reduce_mean(
               tf.map_fn(av_dist_sum, elems=(array1, array2), dtype=tf.float64)
    return dist

On Sat, Jun 27, 2020 at 3:07 AM dimple a shajahan ed16d009 <> wrote:
Hi All,

Is there an implementation for Chamfer loss or earth movers distance in tensorflow. Can anyone help me?

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