New Features in ATMOS Version 1.2.7556.40270

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Sep 13, 2020, 2:38:23 PM9/13/20
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The latest version of ATMOS (1.2.7556.40270) is available for download here. This version implements the following new features:
  • UDP Control of ATMOS from automation and playout systems (explanation below)
  • 'Browse' button to select new file path
  • Directory selection with 'Browse' button creates '/temp' directory if not already present
  • Support for SAPI 5 voices (Local Voices) which allow for unlimited voices (currently available from third-parties)
  • Initial support for Summit Voices
  • 'Upgrade to Latest Version' menu option in 'Help' menu to automatically download and install latest version of ATMOS (explanation below)
UDP Commands
generate report - Use this command to manually generate a report from ATMOS. A good use of this command is after 12 noon to ensure the [Daypart] wildcard is replaced with the current daypart based upon the time of day.
enable automated - Enable automated delivery (turn on the countdown timer).
disable automated - Disable automated delivery (turn off the countdown timer).
download sponsors - Download new sponsors manually.
update zip: - Use the Update ZIP command to remotely update the ZIP code in ATMOS and pull a new LocID. The string shall be comprised of 'update zip:' followed by a 5 digit ZIP code (or any ZIP code that would regularly work in ATMOS).
toggle scripting method - Toggle between the pseudo-random and programmatic scrip selection methods.
exit - Use this command to gracefully exit the application. A debug log entry will be made to note if the exit was manually triggered by user in the menu or if a UDP command was issued to the program.

Upgrade to Latest Version
Selecting this menu option from the 'Help' menu will ask you if you want to download and install the latest version of ATMOS. It requires a connection to the internet to download the installer package from our servers. ATMOS must be closed for the installation and the installer will ask if you want it to automatically close ATMOS. Settings and license data should always persist through an upgrade unless otherwise noted. Future releases of ATMOS will be able to be downloaded with this tool. 

Please feel free to download and install the update at your leisure. As always, should you require assistance, please visit to submit a ticket for our technical support engineers.
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