New Features in ATMOS Version 1.2.7408.23904

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Apr 13, 2020, 1:25:36 PM4/13/20
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The latest version of ATMOS (1.2.7408.23904) is available for download here. This version implements the following new features:
  • Initial support for ATMOS Markup Language (an explanation of tags can be found below)
  • New 'Holiday' Wildcard (an explanation can be found below)
  • New Holiday Manager in menu
  • Improved licensing method to increase reliability (requires assistance from tech support, please submit a support ticket to make an appointment)
  • Installer now silently installs Microsoft .NET Framework if needed
  • Improved text-to-speech algorithms based upon machine learning

ATMOS Markup Language (AML)
AML aims to improve the sound of the weather reports by further adding a human touch to the script. The following are the AML Tags implemented in this version of ATMOS:

  • GenTemp[]
GenTemp[int] is able to generalize temperatures by speaking them as low, mid, or upper values. For example, the temperature 57 degrees would be read as 'upper 50's'.

The proper syntax for this tag is as follows:

NOTE: This tag partially supports nesting (the inclusion of wildcards or AML tags within itself, limited here by the data type)

With additional context, this would produce: Tomorrow, expect temperatures in the 'upper 50's'.

  • RandPhrase()
RandPhrase() is able to pseudo-randomly select one of a collection of possible phrases that would logically be placed at a given spot in a script. For example, it could pseudo-randomly decide on what forecast data to read or how to read the end of the report.

The proper syntax for this tag is as follows:

NOTE: This tag fully supports nesting (the inclusion of wildcards or AML tags within itself)

A real life example would be:
RandPhrase(Today's high will be [HiTemp{0}]|Expect temperatures as high as [HiTemp{0}]|[HiTemp{0}] is today's high)


RandPhrase(Enjoy your [Daypart]|Have a great [Daypart]|Have a wonderful [Daypart]|Thank you for listening to WHAM The Pig)

New Wildcards
This version also implements the Holiday wildcard. The supported list of holidays is found under Main Menu>Holiday Manager. The user can select the holidays they wish to include and a tagline to use for each holiday. The wildcard '[Holiday]' will check if any of the included holidays are occurring on the day of the report and will insert the respective greeting. If the current day is not a holiday or it is a holiday not selected for inclusion, the wildcard will be replaced with the 'NoHoliday' holiday. All holiday greeting can contain AML tags. NoHoliday will run as the No Holiday default regardless of its checked state in the Holiday Manager.

Please feel free to download and install the update at your leisure. As always, should you require assistance, please visit to submit a ticket for our technical support engineers.
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