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Dear colleague,

Thank you for subscribing to the Swiss STS mailing list. 

The mailing list is thought of as a way to exchange information within the community of Swiss and Swiss-based STSers about news, teaching, calls for applicants or papers, job openings, much like scholarly achievements (e.g. publications, projects) and the like.

You can post to the list by simply writing to:

If you wish to invite other colleagues, or have any question with regard to inclusion in the mailing list, please refer to:

Before posting, please read the brief “how to” guide below, which is accessible also on the website of STS-CH:

  1. Please do not overshare. You should avoid posting duplicate contents already available in other STS-themed mailing lists (e.g. Eurograd). A special attention should be given to posting local events, like for instance seminar series, or information directly relevant to Swiss-based STSers; 

  2. The Swiss STS mailing list is a professional mailing list, accessible to a wide audience. It is thus important not to share any confidential content;

  3. You are welcome to send new posts in either French, German, Italian or English;

  4. Please write succinctly. When addressing a diverse and big audience like students, researchers and other people interested in STS, we encourage you to focus on the necessary information (e.g. where, what, when) and to avoid jargon or colloquialism. This type of clarity is essential in a highly informationally loaded world like academia, as well as for recipients speaking English as second language;

  5. Please make a considerate use of file attachments in your posts. Where possible use links or at least non-editable, light files (e.g. PDFs);

  6. Do you, or your post have a link with Swiss STS? Then go ahead and post. 

  7. Please post your stuff, or your institution’s stuff. We are interested in your books, your events, your courses, your activities. Please refrain from sending, or forwarding stuff you simply find interesting;

  8. The list obviously does not accept racist, sexist or other discriminating posts. The STS-CH Board will take appropriate actions against such posts, including removing subscribers from the list.

We hope this tool will help you with your research and interest in STS, and that your scholarship will prosper within our community.

We remain at your disposal for any question or clarification.

Kind regards,

The STS-CH Co-Chairs