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May 6, 2021, 8:46:29 AM5/6/21
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Hi Folks,

We are using HTTP Client as processor to get the response from the Reports and load it into SQL Server database in our project.

We have many reports and corresponding report id’s were stored in one driver table.  From the driver table we are passing Report Id as parameter and will get the response in XML format from the http client. And used few processors to parse the data in required forma to load into SQL Server.

 Below are the challenge which we are facing was :

1. We are getting response from the HTTP client for one report Id only. (But we have many reports id’s in the table). How to get the response for multiple reports using single HTTP client ?

2. How we can load the data dynamically to multiple table from single pipeline using single Producer/Executor ? (Also do not want to hard code table name and columns names init) 

Here we have inserted insert statement (Which will have all the columns to load the data) into the driver table and using that columns as parameter in JDBC Query executor But it is giving result as insert statement only it is not taking as parameter.

 Appreciate the Inputs.






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