Invalid Client RPC Password. Try Reinstalling BOINC. (error)

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Sushira Sena Araga

Aug 25, 2022, 12:51:45 AM8/25/22
to boinc_alpha
Members, Volunteer testers, Helpdesk Experts, BOINC Moderators.
Team BOINC Alpha.

Dear Troubleshooters.

Greetings !!

BOINC Manager connection Error.

My system stopped computing when computer was idle, this happened for a couple of days.

Decided to check log activity, if something conflicting was showing up here....everything looked just fine.

but my projects were not running when System was idle, it said system is busy & no computation@ all, so changed preferences, still same issue persisted.

 Then wanting to monitor why no computation was happening overnight, i checked on activity log, it only said system is busy & computation stopped.

 i wanted to understand the problem better, so all i did was go to 'options Tab' then Activity Log Options and check a few more "BOINC Diagnostic Log Flags".

checked box for all types of debugs and simulations listed, basically tick marked all the listed Flags or events in Event Log.

then clicked on Save, as soon as i hit Save BOINC refreshed and started refreshing for 10 seconds.

Then this Error popped up " Invalid Client RPC Password. Try Reinstalling BOINC "

This issue started as soon as i changed the "activity log options".

PS: I dont use virtual box @ all since the very beginning.

PS 1: I dont use Linux, neither do i know how to code n stuff, please suggest a trouble shoot in windows language only.

PS 2: I have visited previous discussions within the Forum, couldn't understand nothing, Need your help.

Need you help, please help me recover from this issue.

Screenshot (2433).png

Jord van der Elst

Aug 25, 2022, 3:11:42 AM8/25/22
to Sushira Sena Araga, boinc_alpha
You cannot run all debug flags at the same time, that's more information per second than an RPC can handle. 

You either have to go to the data directory and remove global_prefs_override.xml or edit it (with a plain text editor) and change all the debug flags to 0 (zero), bar task, sched_ops and file_xfer, save the file and restart BOINC.

Read and use to understand the various flags and which you might need to debug your problem. 

~ Jord

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Richard Haselgrove

Aug 25, 2022, 3:22:27 AM8/25/22
to Jord van der Elst, Sushira Sena Araga, boinc_alpha
Wrong file. The event log flags are in cc_config.xml. But the principle is right.

Jord van der Elst

Aug 25, 2022, 3:43:05 AM8/25/22
to Richard Haselgrove, Sushira Sena Araga, boinc_alpha
Errr... Not enough coffee yet. 😵‍💫
Thanks for the save, Richard.

Sushira Sena Araga

Aug 25, 2022, 8:14:38 AM8/25/22
to boinc_alpha,, boinc_alpha,, Sushira Sena Araga
Dear Team Boinc Alpha, Mr  Jord van der Elst  & Mr Richard Haselgrove.

Really appreciate your quick response. Thanks a billon !!

BOINC is up and running, recovered completely now.

Full respect to the team members for understanding my stupidity and assisting in resolving my issues.

Screenshot (2434).png
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