Suspending GPU processing causes scheduler to run different project.

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Jun 19, 2023, 4:59:59 PM6/19/23
to BOINC Alpha

Hi Everyone,


I have 2 projects ( Einstein@Home, WCG  ) running and set to resources to (100) 50%. Using BOINC version 7.20.2


I noticed that if I have the GPU’s running,  the scheduler prioritizes Einstein@Home  which makes sense given the deadlines dates for the most part need the project tasks to finish first. However when I suspend the GPUs, the scheduler prioritizes WGC and the scheduler ignores the deadline dates. Here are the screen shots showing this issue. Note I have set the Use at most % of the CPUs to 25%. Curious if this is by design..


GPU’s running:



GPU’s suspended.










Jaroslav Dufek

Jun 20, 2023, 4:47:46 PM6/20/23
to, BOINC Alpha
Error project

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robert andrews

Jun 21, 2023, 7:07:48 AM6/21/23
For the most part Boinc does a first in first out process with the tasks we get from the various projects, but that gets complicated with resources shares, length of the tasks and deadline dates, I think you are seeing normal Boinc usuage and should just leave things alone and let Boinc do it's thing. Now if you start missing deadlines you may wish to adjust your two cache setting sizes to better reflect how many tasks you want on your pc and the deadlines of them. I prefer a cache setting of 1.0 for the first setting and 0.5 in the 2nd setting, this gives me about 1 1/2 days of work for each project and means if a new project pops up that I'm interested in it's not days and days until I can get to it. For me it also means if a set of tasks have problems I'm not stuck with a few hundred of them. You can adjust the cache settings on the individual Projects but one will take over and be 'in-charge' and your pc will get and use those for every project or you can do it thru the Boinc Manager settings but that's more on a pc by pc basis.
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